Before you buy a Valentine’s Day Gift for your First Date, keep these considerations in mind

A first date ushers in a mixed bag of feelings. From anxiety to euphoria pleasure to jittery nervousness – everything piles together in a chaotic mess, and we are left weak on our knees. Well, romance and love can do wondrous things to our mind and body, and all the mush and ‘mess’ is a part of the plan.

But, moreover, in addition to all the callousness of feelings, there is also the act of ‘fine balance,’ – that is, neither seeming too desperate nor appearing too aloof. Well, it may seem like walking on eggshells, but it is all worth it, we would say. So, where does the concept of gifting options come from in this disorganized narrative? Well, let us get into it.

First Dates and Gifts – Are They Compatible?

Planning a first date might seem pretty easy as you decide the venue, time, and put on your favorite outfit, and leave. But, the challenging and perplexing part comes when musing about the gift. Many men and women are hesitant and even shy to carry a gift on their first date as they believe that it would seem too desperate an attempt.

But, we would advise against such dated thinking. Playing it excellent may work for a while, but sincerity, effort, and honesty genuinely work in the romantic realm. So, the next time you see yourself or your friend cringing at the idea of a first date gift, make sure to remind yourself or your friend that it can be a transformative first move.

Having emphasized the importance of a first date gift, keeping specific things in mind is equally important before purchasing that gift. Being too extravagant might seem like a wealth-driven power play, and despite your benign intentions, you may come out snobbish.

Therefore, we would recommend that you keep the exorbitant gifts for later dates when you and your romantic interest become more acquainted with one another. On the other hand, keeping it simple and genuine is priceless while purchasing a gift for your first date.

If you are attuned to the likes and dislikes of your date, then you can easily opt for a gift. But, more often than not, we are rarely acquainted with our first dates, which is when the entire problem arises. Nevertheless, some safe and neutral first dates gifting options will help ignite sparks. You can get flower delivery in Melbourne from Flower Club.

First Date Gifting Ideas for Valentine’s Day

To begin with, it is always feasible to know the preferences and interests of the person you will be going out on a date with. So, a foolproof trick is to put a sheet together during your pre-first date conversations.

You can prepare a rudimentary list of all the things that your date likes, such as her favorite fabric, most loved jewelry pieces, favorite movie, and favorite type of music, preferred stores, and so forth. Such preparedness will make it easy for you to choose your gift.

Now that we have put on the disclaimer let us get ahead with some fun and worthy Valentine’s Day gifting options.
  1. One Single Stem of Rose – If you want to play it safe, and convey honesty and warm affection through your gift, then we would say that a single stem of rose will be your best bet. There is no doubt that a single rose is the soberest and efficacious first date gift. But, before ensuing with the plan, make sure that it is a formal ‘date’ wherein romance is somewhere around the corner, or else you will come on way too strong.
  2. Chocolates – A small box of chocolates can never go wrong on a first date. Go for a smaller, less fancy variant to keep things airy on your first date. The good part is that if your date feels overwhelmed with the gesture, you can always hint that you two can share the chocolate.
  3. Tiny Trinkets – Buying a full-blown jewelry piece, albeit artificial, on a first date may seem too solemn a move. So, we recommend that you go for trinkets such as boho rings or necklaces as they are both a valuable and thoughtful present.
  4. Plushies – If your date likes soft toys and anything cutesy, then gifting her one small plush toy seems like a safe bet. You can do some background research and see if your date likes a particular show, movie, or character, and you can gift her a merch-soft toy related to it.
  5. Journal – Gifting a journal on a first date is a good idea as it is a functional and neutral gift without any inherent romantic connotations. There is a wide assortment of unique and quirky journals that you can go for to make your date feel more special.
  6. Books – If your date loves reading, then you can gift them your favorite book as a Valentine’s Day gift. It is an excellent way to strengthen the bond between you and your romantic interest, all the while being coy and covert.
  7. Flowers Other Than Roses – If you feel hesitant about choosing roses or even one single rose as your first date gift, then going for more platonic embodiments of flowers is something you can consider. Sunflowers, orchids, and even daisies can make an excellent first date gift, especially if your date is a big fan of blooms and blossoms.
  8. Anything Handmade – opting for a handmade gift on a first date might seem too risqué, but we suggest you go for it if you are really into the other person. A handmade gift signifies dedication and a specific level of interest and conveys fuzzy warmth. You can make a small handmade card, or draw a small sketch, and even paint on a ceramic planter as a unique first date gift.

Well, in conclusion, there is a massive assortment of first-date gifting ideas. But, the essential thing that you can carry along is your honest self, as that is undoubtedly going to win hearts.

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