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How to Choose the Best Ketamine Clinics in Portland?

If you live in Portland and seek the best facilities to undergo Ketamine therapy for your diagnosed mental health condition, you might experience difficulties if you have never referred to them before. Yet, with the help of our best friend – the Internet, your selection might be greatly facilitated. This review will uncover the best Ketamine clinic Portland, and share some details about such an innovative treatment protocol that may help many people overcome their mental abnormalities.

How to Look for Portland Ketamine Clinic?

First off, you should understand that the Ketamine clinic is not the first facility you should refer to for help. Such facilities usually work by complying with one principle – to accept a patient they should receive their healthcare provider’s approval. For instance, if you are diagnosed with depression and have already tried first-line modalities and they resulted in being ineffective or caused only severe side effects, your doctor should approve alternative treatment including Ketamine. The same concerns contraindications. Even though Ketamine is a relatively safe medication compared to antidepressants, it is not a good fit for patients with uncontrolled hypertension, active psychosis, and it won’t fit pregnant and nursing mothers.

Once your doctor fully approves the alternative infusion therapy, they should refer you to chosen Ketamine clinics Portland. How to find them?

As of now, you can stick to the following tips:

  • You can type “Ketamine clinic in Portland” in Yelp or Google, and check what operating facilities you have nearby. Note, you can also cover the nearby area of Portland if you have enough time to drive there. After acknowledging the list of facilities, learn about their pricing policy, accreditations of Ketamine physicians/therapists, number of sessions offered among others;
  • Ask for a referral from your doctor or friends. If your doctor has close connections with the Ketamine clinic, it is the best variant. Otherwise, get to know whether your friends may provide you with some recommendations. It is a small world, anyway;
  • Refer to the ASKP directory. In simple terms, it is an American Association of Ketamine Providers. A non-profit network that you may use for finding the best Ketamine clinic in Portland, other cities, countries alongside standalone therapists who have a private practice. Beyond that, they conveniently share an online map by using which you may fastly encounter facilities nearby with valid contact information, treatments offered among others. Either use the scroll on the map or simply type Portland and you will see available options.

Finally, another great alternative for those who seek more than just a list of Ketamine clinics Portland. This is an online source fully dedicated to the best facilities that provide Ketamine infusion therapy, consultations, Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Alongside such necessary information, you will access a blog where the experts speak of Ketamine benefits, some pitfalls, hints, costs, virtual treatments among others. If you only want to know about such a therapy, and whether it can fit your particular case for undergoing in Portland, they also have an online assessment test by filling which you can get tips on what to do the next.

Anyway, please do not diagnose yourself alone, and assign yourself to this anaesthetic. Your healthcare provider’s participation is a must.

What Are the Operating Ketamine Clinics Portland?

If you run out of time for standalone research of available facilities where you can undergo a required treatment, below you will find Portland Ketamine clinic description that may become your assisting compass to the sound and happy life. As of now, Portland has 3 facilities that inspire confidence and are fully accredited to providing Ketamine treatment.

Cornell Pain Clinic

  • The clinic is managed by Suresh Chang, MD, Interventional Pain Specialist, dual Board Certified in Pain Medicine and Board Certified in Psychiatry.
  • Patients can receive IV, IM infusions for depression, and chronic pain among others. If you have other mental health conditions, you may contact them directly to learn about eligibility.
  • Together with infusions, they offer regenerative therapy and interventional procedures.
  • The pricing policy should be learned upon contacting them directly.
  • They service Beaverton.

Portland Ketamine Clinic

  • The clinic is managed by Dr Enrique Abreu, a Board Certified Anesthesiologist.
  • They offer IV infusions for depression, CRPS/RSD, PTSD, and fibromyalgia among others.
  • Contact them to learn about the current pricing policy for your particular case.
  • They service Portland.

Rainfall Medicine

  • This clinic is managed by Steve Rosonke, MD.
  • They offer IV and IM infusions for depression, PTSD, anxiety, childhood trauma, addiction, chronic pain among others.
  • Alongside Ketamine, they have addiction medicine services.
  • The cost per infusion should be learned directly.
  • They service Portland.

Please, note, all the above-mentioned clinics are picked based on the information taken from the ASKP directory, hence, they are verified and recommended by their specialists. All their practising therapists and anesthesiologists have huge expertise in the field, and themselves promote safe clinical use of the anaesthetic. Therefore, no worries.

Upon contacting the chosen clinic, please do learn about the pricing policy. Nowadays, such treatment is not covered by federal or state-funded insurance plans. The exception falls only on Spravato, a nasal spray that won the FDA approval for depression treatment in adults (Currently, not available in Ketamine clinic Portland). Generally speaking of infusions, the prices are subject to every particular case. For instance, if treating depression in Portland, one infusion may cost you $400, while the infusions for chronic pain treatments may make you pay at least $800. To help patients afford such treatments, there may be occasionally some reduced prices if buying a package of 4-6 sessions together. Otherwise, if you are a first-aid responder or veteran, there might be some additional discounts.

Finally, if you require any additional information, BestKetamineClinics website may assist you. They have an email, contact number alongside a submission form which you may fill and address your inquiry. Or, as was hinted above, they have a 2-minute assessment test that can greatly guide you with steps to perform after.

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