The Best Dating Sites for Married Men

Did you know that more than 70% of men on dating sites are either married or already in a relationship with a girl. These are not speculations, but statistics and married dating website reviews.

What is the Reason That Men Use Dating Sites?

You are probably wondering what married men do on dating sites? At home, each of them has a family: children or a wife (at least). Our answer is very simple – they are in search! What are they looking for? There is no clear answer to this question. Because everyone is looking for something different: flirting, friendship, entertainment, an option for betrayal, etc.

How to recognize a married man on a dating site? We analyzed the married dating website reviews and made some notes that will help you identify a married man.

  • The status of “married” is of course absent
  • The profile of a married man will most likely be without a photo
  • The name is either fictitious or unnamed profile

Married dating website reviews tell us that the purpose of being on the Jasmin Agency dating site is correspondence.

Not all men are looking for a mistress. Some of them meet girls on a dating site for a friendly conversation, for women’s advice, or just to pour out their hearts. Sometimes a married man wants to complain about problems at work, about difficulties in family life, about children who need to be brought up and raised. A man does not want to appear weak in front of his wife, and not every wife will listen to her husband’s complaints.

And a dating site for a married man, like a magic wand, is a means to calm the soul, self-assertion and self-esteem.

There is another category of men (according to married dating website reviews) who come here just for fun. They want to know how everything is arranged here. They want to chat with another person and compare themselves with their wife or girlfriend.

If you come across such an interlocutor, then you will not always be able to understand only from the correspondence that he is married. It often happens that the interlocutor “disappears” suddenly for a long time and just as suddenly appears. What reasons? Perhaps the wife caught the correspondence and “punished”. As soon as she loses her guard again, “Hi, how are you?” – from a friend in a year and a half.

Married dating website reviews tell us that the most common goal is to find a mistress. Paradoxically, these men are honest and directly declare their intentions in the status of “looking for a mistress.” Of course, there is no photo in the questionnaire, but in a personal message he can send his photo.

Why don’t you leave your wife? This is a standard and logical question in married dating website reviews.

And the answer is also standard. “I’m not interested in her. We no longer love each other, but together for the sake of the children. I feel sorry for her, she will suffer, etc…” These are all standard excuses. And this like “unfortunate” husband lies to his wife in the face and eats breakfasts, lunches and dinners prepared by her. He likes his tidy house, neat children and well-kept flowers in the thief. The only thing he doesn’t like is his wife, whom he won’t tell.

And the deceived girl from the dating site pities him, sympathizes and wants to “help” become loved again. She plans his divorce and their life together, but is very wrong about this. Such a man is not going to leave his comfort zone and his wife at all.

Can You Find Love Online?

If you still decide to look for your love on a dating site, then be vigilant.

Do not forget that people very often like to embellish their biography a little and add a couple of stars to their self-esteem. Look at things soberly, analyze data, listen to your intuition, and do not trust your eyes.

What to do? How to find out what kind of person really is? You need to be patient. If you like a person, then you should start communicating with him. In the process of correspondence, you will be able to understand a little more than what is written in the questionnaire. The more you communicate with a person, the better and deeper you will understand him.

What to Look for in the Questionnaire?

Pay attention to the wording of search queries. For example, when a woman writes about looking for a self-sufficient and generous man, it means that she is looking for a “wallet”. And if, for example, a man writes that he is looking for an “adequate” girl, then most likely he will complain to you about his seemingly inadequate wife. You should not trust such a man, because the likelihood of soon becoming, in his opinion, “inadequate” is very high. Pay attention to such wording – this is a red marker for married men on a dating site.

Regarding filling out your questionnaire, we advise you to fill it out as honestly as possible. You will communicate with a person, and he will recognize you in the process of communication. If you lie about yourself in the questionnaire, then it is very likely that you will be caught in a lie. There is no need to invent anything about your appearance, because in person it will become very unpleasant for her and very embarrassing for you.

Popular Dating Sites. Advantages And Disadvantages


One of the most popular sites. Comfortable functionality. The site has a high level of security. There is a mobile application. Disadvantages: a lot of advertising and the requirement to provide your phone number for registration.

Jasmin Agency

This is a kind of mixture of dating sites, social networks and a marriage agency, 3 in 1, so to speak. From the pleasant functionality: convenient and logical, nice interface. Questionnaires of participants are securely protected and available on special services. Large database of profiles with photos. Very large age range from 18 to 90 years. Nice bonuses for new members.


A large dating site with a large number of profiles. Large age range, but most of the representatives are young people. The site is easy to use, logical interface. Profiles are protected. Disadvantages: Expensive premium subscription compared to other platforms. No profile photo verification.


A popular dating site with a very high level of personal data protection. Many profiles of different age ranges. Online registration is free.

Disadvantage: a lot of ads when using it for free.


A modern and popular application for a mobile device or for your PC.

Large base of questionnaires. There is an option to anonymize the profile. At the right time, you can simply remove your profile from the general view, and then return it if necessary. Disadvantages: there are problems in the security of information and a slightly overpriced subscription.

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