Are Magnetic Ski Goggles worth it?

Wanna get excellent peripheral vision on the slopes, then magnetic ski goggles are the best choice. However, if you are a fan of skiing and snowboarding, then you must know that these sports need optimal preparation and conditions.

What Are Magnetic Lens Ski Goggles?

The magnetic ski goggle lens is a magnetized piece of plastic that prevents moisture accumulation and fogging on the lenses. This protective layer can easily connect to the magnetic interchangeable lens, thus allowing for quick lens changing. Plus, magnetic ski goggles are easy to use and maintain, allowing for safe sports activities even if there is a light snowfall or fog.

Why choose magnetic ski goggles?

If you are tired of sitting in front of the mirror, trying to change your lens while at the resort – they are all you need.

You must doubt that among various options, why to go for only this one. Don’t worry because the below reasons will clear all your doubts

Suits in Every Condition

The magnetic ski goggles suit every type of weather. Many lenses are best suited in sunny or partly cloudy weather, but not in other types. This means that for other weather conditions you will have to buy a new one. But when you have a magnetic ski lens, you can switch to type according to weather conditions.

Ease in changing Lens

When you have a magnetic gripped lens, then without wasting any time, you can change to faster. As there are magnets, you will not have to worry about locking the lens. They will lock themselves automatically according to magnetic force.

Multiple Lens Color

Magnetic ski goggles have exchangeable lenses, which are one of the cheapest ways to have multi-color lenses. This can be considered as an advantage because you can switch the color of your lenses according to your dress color.

If you have an extra lens, then it is not only useful in visual appearance but also weather application. Having extra lenses is a great way to reduce fog that can build up in your mechanical lenses during a day on the slopes, and you will not have the chance to change them. With the top magnetic ski goggle models, you can surely change them.

Are Magnetic Ski Goggles Sustainable?

As compared to other types of ski goggles, yes, magnetic ones are sustainable because of various reasons.


They have a long life span because magnets don’t degrade. If you choose a mechanical lens, and if its breaks, then it cannot be fixed. But if you have a magnetic one, you will not face this problem.


When you break your mechanical lens, you will have to replace your whole goggle. But when it comes to the magnetic lens, even if you break them, you will only have to replace the lens, not the entire goggle.

Magnetic ski Goggles Buying Advice

If you want to enjoy snowboarding and skiing, choosing the right goggles for yourself is very important. So below are some points which need to be kept in mind while buying magnetic goggles. Searching for the best Magnetic ski goggles? Check out this link:

Protect Your eyes from glare

If you buy them with polarized lenses, then it will reduce glare from sunlight which reflects off the slopes. But they are not a good choice when the day comes to an end when long shadows start appearing in the snow. The reason behind this is that the lenses are made with darker tint lenses.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT)

The magnetic ski goggles have a light transmission percentage range from 85% to 90%. The magnetic ski goggle lens which has a greater VLT allows more light in, allowing you to see clearly when you are wearing them.

Anti-fog Coating

As the magnetic ski goggle lens does not need any lubrication between them and your face then there is no chance for fogging due to moisture. These magnetic goggles have a layer of anti-fog coating on lenses that prevents fogging up. However, it is better if they also come with an anti-scratch coating as well because these scratches can be seen through such lenses such as dark night skiing under the stars (when there’s no) or lighting conditions where visible light transmission is low.

Best Fit

Magnetic ski goggles are available in a great range of magnetic lenses, which makes them easy to fit. Every magnetic lens has different properties such as VLT and size. You can get magnetic ski goggle frames either in full-sized or half-sized frame style. So you will have the magnetic goggles for yourself within no time.


The magnetic ski goggles are under $100 therefore, they are worth trying. However, if you need magnetic lenses then it can be a bit expensive because a magnetic lens costs around $79 and one replacement lens costs around $19-$24. These magnetic lenses also have some disadvantages such as its difficulty to find magnetic ski goggle suitable in every type of weather condition due to problems related with fogging when used in below ten degrees or when there is humidity present in the air.

Anti-fogging features

You should choose those types of goggles that have double lenses that prevent condensation. If your lens has an anti-fog coating, then it will clear the warm air out from your goggle, and it will give you a clear view.

Peripheral vision

You should choose the magnetic ski goggle, which has good peripheral vision because then you will be able to see 180 degrees from side to side, which in turn will help you avoid skiers and riders.

Helmet Compatibility

While magnetic goggles are compatible with most helmets, you need to make sure that the helmet’s strap is not magnetic. If it is attached with magnetic helmet, then it will not lock in place securely.

Warranty and return policy

It is very important that you check magnetic goggle’s warranty and return policy before you buy them. It is good if they come with lifetime warranty, but the truth of magnetic ski goggles fogging up during extreme cold weather cannot be changed because no matter how much the manufacturers try to develop it, magnetic lenses will still get foggy in freezing temperatures.

Final words

Among varieties of goggles, magnetic ski goggles are one of the most convenient choices to make. You can easily change lenses whenever you want, and the gentle click of the magnets confirms that the lenses are steady in place.

They are far better than mechanical goggles. So, now what are you waiting for? But the best one which matches your preference, and then you can enjoy snowboarding and skiing.

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