8 Everyday Devices that Became Solar

Solar technology is being improved and mastered by manufacturers all over the world, hence, it is quite natural that more and more objects and devices are now operating on solar energy – which is quite beneficial since it is 100% free.

But now, you might be wondering – what solar objects and devices can I opt for? Well, this is something that this article can help you with. The text below will feature a small selection of those items, ones that can be quite useful in your daily life. Let’s take a look:

Garden Furniture

This is undoubtedly the first industry that chooses to implement photo-voltaic devices. And, there is a good reason – outdoor garden furniture enjoys the sun all year long, whatever season it is. Take a quick look at the shelves of any garden store and you can see a wide range of decorative solar lamps, especially ones that come from GALIX – one of the most prolific designers.

Additionally, Mobasolar has recently launched the first garden table that comes fully equipped with photo-voltaic cells. Mobasol T can produce power that is the same as the annual consumption of a refrigerator, and it can, thanks to its plug a 2 USB ports, recharge any device.

Solar Barbecues

A lot of people consider solar barbecues to be the most spectacular cookers. And with all the advancements in solar tech, some models have been the subject of real research and development efforts. They often feature an energy yield close to that of a hotplate.

This is a big improvement from the Eco-friendly gadget we used to put back in our garage after we finished using it. Additionally, in some developing countries, these devices are a credible alternative to wood fires, which help limit deforestation and pollution. However, you should keep in mind that not all devices are the same, hence, you should pay close attention to what it has to offer before buying one.


The sun is not only an alternative to electricity but, it has become a perfect alternative for gas as well. Which is shown by a lighter developed by a start-up called Idcook (a company that is already working on the solar oven). It is as easy to store as traditional lighters and much nicer since it can be customized.

Suncase uses two parabolic mirrors to focus the sun’s rays on the material that needs to be lit. Paper, wood, straw, tobacco… In less than three seconds, nothing can resist it. This company won the bronze medal at the Lépine competition in 2017.

Bluetooth Speakers

It is always fun to use portable, solar-powered speakers, not only when you are partying with your friends, but while you are camping, using your solar barbecue, or when you are at the pool or beach. Now, the best thing about it is that you can listen to your favorite songs, while you are charging the speakers.

You can also use this device for charging your smartphone, which makes these speakers ultra-handy wherever you use them. Solar-powered Bluetooth mobile speakers are portable, wireless and designed to withstand time and humidity. You can learn more about them at

When you’re camping, hiking or trekking and want to cut your ties with civilization, solar-powered Bluetooth speakers give you a sense of freedom and independence that cannot be compared. Instead of using a traditional Bluetooth speaker that needs to be charged frequently, this one can power your other devices.

Solar Ovens


Like any traditional oven, a solar one focuses the heat in a small space for cooking or heating food. However, the difference between the two is the energy used to reach the necessary temperature. A solar oven will not use fossil fuels or electricity, but instead, the sun’s light rays to capture the heat.

There are two main types of solar ovens: the parabolic oven, open, called “concentrating”, and the closed, box-type oven. Both have different characteristics. These solar cookers are very easy to maintain, and they will require cleaning after each or several uses. If you want to maximize the cooking or baking efficiency, you must keep the glass and surface clean. And since solar cooking is gentle, the dishes will not stick, which makes that you can wash them easily.

Solar cookers are widely used in exotic countries that are threatened by deforestation. In Europe, energy consumption for cooking is estimated at 500 kWh/year and the dependence on fossil fuels is at 80%.

Solar cooking does not require any expenses, as it uses solar energy, thus it is free and inexhaustible. It could save you a lot of money each year while preserving the environment by not producing CO2 emissions. This cooking method also has health benefits, as it preserves the nutritional qualities of the food.


Summer is the best time to have fun with your children – and it might be fun to teach them about the benefits of solar energy while at it. There are plenty of ways that you can do this, especially if you love building games.

Heliobil, for example, has been specializing in solar-powered mobiles in the shape of butterflies, helicopters, and cars for almost 20 years. The objects are made from a combination of a wooden structure with solar cells to move them forward. More “technical”, Eitech’s constructions are reminiscent of our good old mechanics, while Buki’s educational workshops help familiarize the youngest with this virtuous energy.


Besides getting an amazing solar-powered speaker, hikers can also opt for a solar-powered backpack. The tech behind it is quite simple – the front of the bag is covered with solar panels that power the bag’s storage battery. You can use it to charge your smartphone or a speaker that is not solar-powered.

From the renowned German XT Power to the new French Uvé, the difference between these gadgets are usually small such as the colors and designs. The cells have the same power (from 6.5 to 7 watts), and they are guaranteed to charge your device between 4 to 12 hours – depending on how much energy was collected.


Although it might sound weird, thanks to the sun, you will no longer feel hot during summer. The reasons for this? The Frech distributor Pearl started marketing the first sun cap that protects you from UV rays, and at the same time, refreshes you.

Photovoltaic cells placed on top of the cap power a mini fan, which is delicately inserted into the visor. So, while it may not be the best-fitting fashion accessory available, it will be a perfect gadget for staying cool during beach days.


As you can see, there are various solar-powered devices that you can opt for. So, now that you know what you can purchase, do not waste any more time, and start thinking about what device you should get first!

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