What is a Bitcoin VPS?

The field of hosting is quite vast as it encapsulates many concepts ranging from server type to different plans and service variations. However, Bitcoin VPS has been circulating around forums and websites as quite the innovative phrase over the last couple of years. While simple to those who already know what a VPS actually is and have heard of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in the past, the term can prove hard to understand for those without any prior knowledge or experience in the field. So what exactly does it mean, how does it work and why exactly is the phrase a combination between cryptocurrencies and servers?

What is a VPS really?

Virtual private servers, known also as VPS servers, are one of the most widely utilized hosting types in the world. They make use of the innovative virtualization technology, which allows a single server to function as a host to multiple virtual machines with each having its own independent resources, hence where the name of the service originates from.

Such virtual servers have many advantages over other hosting alternatives such as shared hosting for example. Shared hosting involves having one hosting server with multiple occupants having uploaded their websites, applications or projects. Consequently, this means that they need to share that server’s resources between each other, which can lead to some of them being deprived of their necessary share if another occupant’s website for example sees a sudden burst of traffic and starts consuming more resources than what it needs to.

Because of the virtualization technology, each VPS runs on its own virtual machine, meaning that this situation is easily avoidable. But, there are even more advantages that virtual private servers have when it comes to shared hosting. Some of these benefits include having unique resources, providing users with complete root access to manage their server in any way they like and also giving customers the ability to scale their server in proportion to their website or application’s traffic. But what does this scalability mean?

Well, in simple terms, it refers to adding more resources to your VPS when there is the need to do so and removing those resources if you are not using them to their fullest potential. This, consequently, allows you to save money in the long run as most other server plans come as preconfigured and do not enable you to make any changes to your server or the plan itself, which can be quite impractical.

Due to this, virtual private servers are quite popular in the hosting industry. Because of their versatility, many companies and individuals have started to use them to host a range of different websites and applications all with a divergent intention and purpose. Some examples include online retail platforms, ecommerce stores, service providers, cultural heritage institutions, government bodies as well as personal portfolio projects, startups and many other businesses.

As it can be seen, this makes them a lucrative choice for many and hosting providers have also started to pick on that trend, looking to find innovative ways to encourage customers to try some of their VPS services, which led to the term ‘Bitcoin VPS’ being coined and providers like VPSBG starting to offer such a service.

So what exactly is a Bitcoin virtual private server?

To put this into simple words a Bitcoin VPS is essentially a VPS server for which you can pay using Bitcoin. That’s it, it is that simple. But why would customers want to pay with crypto? Well, there are actually a plethora of different reasons, with the primary one being – to protect their privacy. Bitcoin transactions are made anonymously as the funds are transferred from one address to another without any other potentially exploitable or sensitive information being attached to the transaction itself. This information is then stored into the blockchain, which keeps track of every transaction ever recorded, which guarantees customers that their payment and identity will be kept anonymous, resulting in their privacy being protected at all times.

Another reason as to why you would want to go for a Bitcoin VPS is simply due to the fact that some people do not have access to traditional payment methods such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards or online applications such as PayPal. Countries in Africa and South America are a prime example of this. Bitcoin payments can be made from any point in the world regardless of your location and where you want to send the money to. All you need is a device with Internet connection and a personal Bitcoin wallet, the latter of which can be set up really quick.

Finally, paying with Bitcoin allows for much cheaper international transactions to be carried out. Crypto-transfer fees are substantially lower than traditional fees, especially when it comes to sending money from one country to another. Due to the fact that Bitcoin has a universal value, it is not affected by the different traditional currencies that each country has, meaning that no conversion is necessary and the overall fees are low as a result of that. Additionally, it is not like carrying out a bank transfer meaning that there is no mediatory processor that can also charge you for the transaction. This also results in you saving even more money from such fees that you would otherwise need to cover if you were to pay using any of the traditional payment methods that are widely available and spread on a global level. Generally speaking, paying with Bitcoin just saves you quite the large amount of money.

That’s it! The concept of a Bitcoin VPS is quite simple once you know what a VPS is and why paying for one using Bitcoin can be quite useful for some customers. This is just one of the many types of hosting alternatives out there as there are many other useful services too.

Overall, as we mentioned previously, the field of hosting is quite big and it encompasses a plethora of different concepts, server types and their divergent features and it can be quite overwhelming when first starting out and doing your research. However, we hope that this article has been helpful and that you have now got some of the basic concepts understood, which will make it easier to comprehend other hosting related information in the future.

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