What Are The Slowest Skills In OSRS? And How Do You Make Your Grind More Efficient?

When it comes to the slowest skills in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), there is a silver lining in terms of potential rewards and utility. Depending on the training method employed, these skills can bring you substantial amounts of OSRS GP. This can be particularly advantageous when looking to obtain gold for your OSRS accounts for sale on platforms like PlayerAuctions. By investing time and effort into training these skills, you can increase your earning potential and make it easier to accumulate wealth.

To illustrate, let’s consider the example of killing the Kalphite Queen. This boss provides a lucrative opportunity for profit. However, without sufficient Agility level and completion of the elite desert diary for access to the shortcut in the layer, the process becomes significantly slower. By investing time and effort into training your Agility skill and completing the necessary diary requirements, you can significantly expedite the process of defeating the Kalphite Queen and maximize your potential profits.

Therefore, while the slowest skills may require more time and effort to train, they can offer substantial utility and financial gains. By focusing on these skills and optimizing your training methods, you can enhance your ability to earn OSRS GP, making it easier to obtain resources or engage in trading activities on platforms for your OSRS accounts.

Why These Skills Are Slow to Train

Training the slowest skills in Old School RuneScape can offer benefits beyond the immediate motivation of earning OSRS GP. One significant advantage is the access to quality of life upgrades and additional avenues to earn even more gold. Achieving specific skill levels is often required to complete achievement diaries and unlock various quests, which, in turn, provide access to a wide range of rewards and opportunities.

By diligently training these slow skills, you can fulfill the requirements necessary to complete achievement diaries. These diaries offer a variety of benefits, including increased experience gains, new shortcuts, unique equipment, and access to exclusive areas. These upgrades enhance your gameplay experience and streamline your progression in the game.

Furthermore, many quests in OSRS have skill level requirements. By improving your skills, you unlock the ability to embark on these quests and reap their associated rewards. Quests often provide valuable items, experience rewards, and even additional methods to earn OSRS GP. They can also unlock new areas, grant access to unique training methods, or open up profitable activities like boss fights or minigames.

The Slowest Skills for Ironman


Training Herblore can be rough as an ironman since you will have to obtain herbs from monster drops, which could be more generous in large quantities that could help you level up significantly by doing herb runs. Still, you will need first to obtain the seeds.

It is beneficial to kill, for example, Aberrant Spectres once your slayer level is high enough for the grimy herbs and seeds. The Moss Giants are another excellent pick, but so are Dagannoths and Turoths. Getting a herb pouch early on is also helpful for gathering the herbs runs and for Slayer tasks with monsters that drop herbs.



Smithing is another challenging skill for ironman since you must mine and kill high-level monsters to obtain ores to smith. Great picks for gathering resources for the smithing skill are the Motherload Mine, where you’ll get coal besides other ores, Slayer monsters such as the gargoyles who drop gold ore, and doing Konar slayer tasks since you’ll get a chance at obtaining ores and bars from the Brimstone chest.


While for a regular account, Fletching is one of the fastest skills to 99, training Fletching is a real challenge regarding ironman. You can woodcut various levels of trees and use the logs to train your Fletching, but you can also buy Fletching supplies from the Archer store, for example.The Slowest Skills for Everyone



Agility is one of the slowest skills in RuneScape, regardless of whether you are playing an ironman or a regular account. The more you level your Agility skill, the more shortcuts you will unlock around Gielinor, so it’s instead a quality-of-life skill than anything else. Obtaining the Graceful Outfit from the Agility skill could save you some cash since you will pay less for recharging your run energy.


Fishing is a slow skill. Doing the fastest methods will bring in little, and your XP per hour will still be low. The best way to train fishing is by soloing the fishing boss, Tempoross, and you will even get some cash from the rewards pool afterward. Similarly, fast but less click-intensive is doing barbarian fishing. However, since this method involves dropping all the fish, you will not earn anything other than XP.

Even though it is a slow skill, Fishing is essential as you’ll need it to unlock the Morytania elite diary, which will make your Bonecrusher grant the full XP for the bones and a new herb patch on Harmony Island. If you want to in late levels of fishing, you can also make money with the skill by catching Anglerfish, for example.


Runecraft is one of the slowest and most tedious skills to train. If you want to improve your Runecraft journey, get an abyssal needle from the GOTR minigame. If you’re looking to make more OSRS GP through the Runecraft skill, you should get the Raiment of the Eye from the same Runecraft minigame since this outfit will give you the ability to craft more runes per run. Therefore, it’s best to train your runecrafting at GOTR at least until you get these upgrades and then continue or do blood and wrath runes.


Slayer is one of the slowest skills in RuneScape, but it probably involves the most amount of variety when it comes to training it because you’ll have to kill various monsters. For faster XP, you should unlock the “badder and better” unlock early on since superior foes will grant you loads of Slayer XP. You should also use a cannon whenever possible, even though cannonballs can lower your profits since you’ll have to spend some OSRS GP to buy them. You can also get the aid of Bracelets of Slaughter or Expeditious Bracelets to speed up or slow down your slayer tasks. Later on, Slayer is the skill that will bring you the most amount of OSRS gold.

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