6 Best Sun Loungers For Back Pain And Relaxation 2024

There is hardly a single person who does not like the sun, whether it is tanning in the hot summer sun, or just simply chilling in the winter shine. It becomes even more important to get out in the sun, as it helps to convert body cholesterol into Vitamin D, which is very important for bones and teeth. Outdoor furniture is a great way to get the much needed sunshine, and one of the top choices of people all around the world is sun lounges.

Sun lounges are becoming quite popular these days because of their versatile and multi-function nature. These have an adjustable back setting, making it easy to operate and customize and are ideal for both, sitting and relaxing, as well as lying down. And what is more fascinating is that these can be bought online, from the comfort of your homes from websites like vidaxl.com, who have some of the best loungers in the market.

With so many different choices and brands available in the market, it can become a bit confusing for you to find the best product that suits you, your home’s decor and is good for your back pain, and is relaxing as well, all at the same time. But you need not worry, because the below mentioned data would provide you with the 6 best sun lounges and would refine your search, hence making it easier for you to find your perfect sun lounger :

1.  Maisons Du Monde Hurghada Aluminium Sun Lounger


Starting the list with one of the most affordable lounges, that will give your house a beachy vibe. The body is lightweight, made out of aluminium covered in epoxy, thus, making it water and rust resistant as well. The material used in the covering is polyester blended with khadi, making it durable. And it comes in four different prints which can be changed and selected during checkout.

The most amazing feature of this particular product is that the backrest can be adjusted into five different positions, based on your likings. You could use it as a chair, or find the best angle to recline your aching back whilst reading a book. Or you can flatten it out completely and take a power nap in the sun.

Dimensions : Height = 49 cms, Width = 51cms, Length = 174 cms

Price : $ 105

2.  Songmics Foldable Sun Lounger


Another instant favorite of many who are looking for a sun lounger within budget and can be folded and stored easily. This one also has a sunshade that can be adjusted with the changing altitude of the sun to provide you a comfortable experience while enjoying the same. Plus, there are four recline positions for you, which would be, again, very comfortable for your back. Moreover, four neutral shades such as black, gray – light and dark, and taupe, would make it look stunning in your backyard or the front patio.

Dimensions : Height = 30 cms, Width = 53 cms, Length = 194 cms

Price : $ 75

3.  Maisons Du Monde Solar Sun Lounger

These are one true recliners that you must have if you are seriously into sun loungers. The main frame is made with aluminium, while the padding is canvas, covered with plastic, making it last longer than the others and giving it a long life. This one has a modern design, especially designed to soothe the user’s lower back by arching it in all the right places. Moreover, this model has wheels, making its movements quite easier than the rest. However, it cannot be folded like the previous two on the list. But if you are planning on buying more than one, then these can be stacked upon each other and reduce the uptake of space when not in use.

Dimensions : Height = 45 cms, Width = 72 cms, Length = 193 cms

Price : $ 180

4.  Outsunny Rattan Folding Sun Lounger


This super gorgeous recliner has an ergonomic design which makes it stand out of the crowd. The body is made with high quality steel, giving it a much sturdy look and the padding is soft cushioning. Additionally, the ergonomic curve is designed in such a fashion that it would support your natural curves whilst you relax, making you feel more energized and fresh.

The body is foldable, making it very easy to store when it starts to rain, or when not in use.

Dimensions : Height = 53 cms, Width = 61 cms, Length = 193 cms

Price : $ 170

5. Hashtag Home Nastya Reclining Lounger

Made of the strong and sturdy acacia wood, this low lying reclining lounger is a good choice if you are someone who has a constant back ache. The S-shape of the lounger is carefully designed to fit the natural curve of the spine and make every muscle of the human back feel good by stretching and soothing them out.

The body is made of acacia wood, and is covered in industry approved oil, which makes it water repellant. The design is simple, yet elegant, and can be easily carried around due to the folding option.

Dimensions : Height = 63 cms, Width = 60 cms, Length = 200 cms

Price : $ 256

6.  Porto Lounger by M&S


When it comes to Marks & Spencers, everyone knows it means a name they trust blindly. Moreover, this sun lounger is perfect for those who are planning to spend longer times in the sun, either reading or sleeping. These are cushioned for additional comfort and relaxing. The body is metallic, and the cushions are protected with microfibers, making them last long for at least 10 years.

Dimensions : Height = 35 cms, Width = 65 cms, Length = 190 cms

Price : $ 300


Outdoor sun recliners and loungers are becoming popular with every passing day. It is high time that you also should make an investment and get yourself some relaxing outdoor furniture that would make your exteriors look as amazing as your indoors. These are generally water and season resistant. However, to ensure their smooth function and longevity, it is advised to store them in a moisture free space when not in use.

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