Should we regularly detox our bodies?

In the past years, more and more has been said about the need for regular body cleansing. This topic has already appeared on the covers of most popular magazines or articles of the most-read websites about health and beauty. Until recently, all kinds of cleansing diets were prevalent, and specialized supplementation programs are becoming more and more popular. What is cleansing the body really, and why should we perform a regular detox of our body?

It is well known that a healthy and balanced diet is one of the most important things we can do to protect our health. A healthy diet can help us reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by improving cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure or controlling blood sugar. Few of us know, however, the importance of regular detoxification and deworming. And to explain leisurely, deworming is the process of administering a drug or anthelmintic product to a person to get rid of intestinal parasites.

Our body is constantly exposed to unfavourable factors

Our body is not adapted to modern conditions. Every day we are exposed to various factors that can negatively affect the functioning of our bodies – air pollutants, toxins, unhealthy food. All this can build up in our body and stop it from working as it should. That’s why it is so important to cleanse the body regularly.

A detox program removes the deposits as mentioned above and toxins from the body, mainly through the digestive system, which is our best filter. Specialised diets or supplementation programs speed up this process, making it lighter, easier, and more enjoyable. We should remember to carry out detox regularly – specialists recommend doing it at least twice a year.

Causes of intestinal parasites

Intestinal parasites are among the most common problems among children and adults. They enter the human body when a person comes in contact with water, soil or an infected object. Once in the body, the larvae become adults, settle in the blood vessels, and reproduce. Their eggs pass into the intestine, where an immune response is triggered, as the infected person’s body recognises the eggs as foreign organisms.

The body’s reactions to intestinal parasites depend on which part of the body has been affected. If the gastrointestinal tract is the leading site of infection, then abdominal pain, intestinal bleeding and intestinal obstruction may occur. The liver and spleen can also be affected. If the urinary tract is more affected, blood may be lost in the urine, and long-term damage to the kidneys, bladder and urethra may occur.

Why deworming is mandatory for adults

Children are often affected by intestinal parasites, mainly due to excess sweetness, dirty hands or contact with many small-and-not-so-clean objects. That’s why specialists recommend regular deworming at least twice a year, in spring and autumn, when the larvae of the parasites are in the process of reproduction.

At the same time, not only children but also adults need to go through regular deworming.

Deworming improves immunity, thus protecting the body from chronic diseases caused by parasites. It improves concentration, increases nutritional absorption and controls infections, anaemia or digestive problems.

According to experts in the field, an infection with intestinal parasites is often not apparent, and symptoms could include sudden weight loss, stomach pain, weakness, fever, vomiting and anaemia. Similarly, intestinal parasites can affect adults. Although parasite infestation is not a life-threatening infection in most cases, it can lead to various clinical problems.

Although there is a growing global awareness of deworming among children, deworming among adults also requires increased attention.

How do cleanup programs work?

Specialised cleansing programs are a much more effective detox method than any kind of traditional diet or fasting. Probably everyone has tried drinking lemon juice in the morning or drinking vegetable soup in the evening and knows that it doesn’t work. Cleansing programs are designed to bring the best results, and all their ingredients have been properly tested.

The simple form of their absorption is essential – usually, they are in the form of tasty cocktails that we consume several times a day. Their use is divided into three simple stages – cleansing, regenerating, and strengthening the body. We no longer have to use long-term fasts that negatively affect our body, causing, e.g. irritation or weakness.

A side effect of using such programs is slight weight loss – our body simply removes unnecessary elements. Also, many people report that they no longer feel like eating unhealthy foods after detox. It is worth remembering to consume large amounts of water during the entire process, as the body uses it for self-cleaning.

How to choose the right cleansing program?

We are leaving now in very dynamic times. The bio, vegan, or natural products industry is growing every day, and the market is overwhelmed with millions of health and detox programs. It is very easy to get lost, confused or even frustrated with choosing the right detox program for your own needs.

You need to pay attention to every detail while reading what’s written on the box to understand the composition and impact of every ingredient. One of the most important details you should look for is the producer and production quality and technology. You should also check for how long the program is on the market and, if possible, other people’s opinions about it.

One of the most recommended cleansing programs is Colo Vada Plus / Go Detox by YourCoral. It was developed in Canada by Dr Albert Zerr. It helps to cleanse the body in 14 days while maintaining an adequate level of healthy intestinal microflora. It balances the level of vitamins and minerals, helps to get rid of parasites from the body.

Its use is straightforward – within 14 days, we go through three stages. The main task is to remove all deposits and toxins from the body. This program also improves the functioning of the entire digestive system, cleanses the blood and significantly increases the immunity system.

To summarize – the knowledge about the human body and health is growing. Every year, scientists know more about what’s needed for us. We also know that our body is not adapted to the times we live in – full of unhealthy food, polluted air and seas. That’s why it is essential to detox our bodies from time to time.

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