5 Reasons To Close Crawl Space Vents In The Winter

Crawl spaces have benefits of their own. From preventing molds and mildews, they are less than an asset for the season change and approaching winters. The floors are warm, and they help reduce heat and impact the cooling bills, too. Many building scientists second the same, and they recommend using it. But for how long?

It is important to understand that many homes act as a home to the vented crawl space. It can be a crawl space vent or a foundation vent. It can be something similar to a window you can find while climbing upstairs.

Do you have thoughts about opening these crawl space vents?

You can do it as it will be beneficial for you. But are these benefits truly the benefits in all seasons?

In the summer, it will be beneficial. It will help the outside air to come inside the crawl space. You might be thinking about the difference it will make in other seasons. The hot air will move out; if it is windy outside, the cool air will enter the home. It will help reduce your home’s temperature on a hot summer day.

Imagine that it is the peak of the winter time and your house is freezing due to one or more single reasons. If you have these vents and open them in winter, you might add to the temperature drop at your home. In simple words, opening the space vents in winter won’t be the right thing to do.

Here are some reasons to consider closing it in winter.

1. Energy Efficiency


The 21st-century world is conscious of its choice and thinks of giving back to the environment. It is possible with the use of energy-efficient products. Apart from products, it is the practices that matter. Hence, if you want to make your home more energy efficient, it is time for you to consider closing the vents in winter. If you don’t do it, you will depend on the room heater to keep yourself warm for a long time. Hence, a simple step can secure the warmth of your home.

2. Issues With The Pipe Functioning


Another issue that can come if you are not closing the crawl space bents is that if the temperature keeps dropping and reaches below the freezing point, issues with the pipes in the home can rise. It is more prominent for those placed in the crawl space. They may undergo freezing if you keep the vents open. Hence, it is good to close them in winter. Apart from freezing, if you close the vents, it will help the pipes avoid coming in contact with dry air that can move to the pipes, stay there, and convert them into cold and frozen bars.

3. Condensation And Air Toxicity

Many homes have space foundations exposed to condensation as the vents are kept open in winter. It will give rise to the moisture management issue in the house and gradually help it turn into a poor state, bringing more adverse effects. Also, the open vents bring in dust, mold spores, bacteria, and cold air. Hence, apart from making the home cool, toxic air will enter the home. When it enters, it can cause other health problems in the body, like respiration issues.

4. Preventing The Stack Effect


Closing the vents in winter renders another benefit in preventing the stack effect at homes. If you are hearing this for the first time, you should know that it occurs whenever warm air, which moves upwards, exits the home and replaces the cold air in the vent. It will drop your home’s temperature and make it colder in winter.

5. Insulation Damage

Opening the vents in the winter season can create defects in the insulation process. When such a defect occurs, there shall be a collection of moisture which will lead to destruction.

Tips To Closing The Vents Properly In Winters


The process of closing a space vent is known as crawl space encapsulation. There have been many scientists and real-world applicants that suggest that if the crawl space is sealed, conditioned, and closed, it helps in rendering some benefits like the following:

  • It helps in providing a better degree of moisture in homes.
  • You can seek the help of these vents to enjoy better control of the space that can secure your home’s temperature.
  • They help in isolation and maintaining privacy; hence, they are a genuine pick if you need them.
  • The homes are secure.
  • You can be confident about fewer pests and warmer homes in winter and have a better chance of saving energy than in conventional homes.

However, you can witness these benefits if you close the space vents properly. Some considerable keys while closing these vents are as follows:

  • You can consider using airtight vent covers so that the foundation vents are closed properly. You should ensure that the foundation vent covers are from reliable product providers like vanityvents.com. They help in keeping the bugs away.
  • You should see that the space is isolated and there are seals so that nothing can enter on windy days. Also, before sealing, you should ensure that there is nothing in the space, as it can impact the sealing process.
  • Insulation while closing the vents is a must. Hence, it would help if you considered using rigid foam.
  • It would help if you considered investing in a dehumidifier to help control the humid levels. It is all the more recommended if your house is in an area prone to natural calamities like floods. If your house is in such an area, you can call a professional and get a sump pump installed. The risk will be less.



If you are opening the crawl space vents in winter, you might witness adverse effects rather than enjoying the benefits. Hence, it would help if you closed them this season. The use of vents is season-specific. Also, while closing the vents, you should consider using quality products to seek maximum benefits from your investment.

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