The Advantages of Caribbean Citizenship for Global Mobility and Business

We live in an era when running a successful business heavily relies on being able to move around the globe with ease. Today, we are all members of the global market. Viewing the world of business as one entity was made possible by the development of technology. Thanks to the named development we almost know no boundaries. While this might be true to an extent, there are still boundaries and borders. Because of this, it is vital to think about how to more easily cross the world’s borders. No, we’re not talking about smuggling.

Joking aside. By holding a passport to certain countries you can find it much easier to enter the markets of other countries. Of course, things are much easier when you’re a US citizen or you hold a UK or Japanese passport. But, these countries do not offer a chance to become a citizen by investment. So, what are your options? You have a few. But, our suggestion would be to aim for Caribbean citizenship. Fairweather, sun, beaches, and ocean. What more could you ask for? Well, you could ask for business opportunities.

The Caribbean offers plenty in this department. Any of the islands in the Caribbean that offer citizenship by investment programs is fertile soil for investment. Furthermore, their passport is well accepted in many countries all over the world. As you can see, you have a great combination here that almost guarantees financial and business success. But, if you’re not yet convinced, let us talk you into it. If you continue reading this article you’re going to see what are the advantages of Caribbean Citizenship in terms of business opportunities and the ability to connect to global markets.

Online Application


That’s right. The first sign of great global mobility. You do not have to travel to any of the Caribbean countries offering this program. All programs are available online. Once you have applied you might be asked to bring forth some of the documents or to pick up your passport once it’s done. But, not even this is mandatory, as many immigrant offices will deliver the document to your address. Unlike in times past, today technology has made the entire application process much easier.

High-End Mobility

These passports are not just for show. They have genuine value. In terms of doing global business, they are a commodity of the highest level. Depending on the country you choose for your citizenship by investment program you will receive access to anything between one hundred to one hundred and fifty new countries. Some of the most appealing markets include Malaysia, Singapore, the UK, and of course the EU Schengen Zone.

Residency Advantages

When you get a Caribbean passport it is called a CARICOM passport. We’re talking about the organization of the fifteen countries that are founders of this organization and that are all located in the Caribbean. What does this mean for you as their passport holder? It means that you can reside in any of the fifteen countries that have issued you their passport. This is a unique advantage as no other passport in the world allows you this. For more and similar perks of the Caribbean passport, you can visit

Minimal Requirements

This is what makes it so appealing to many people. To gain a passport from any country in the Caribbean there are minimal requirements. You are not even asked to stay in the country following your application. You only need to visit once in the first five years on a five-day stay, and that only applies if you gained your passport in Antigua and Barbuda. But, even with him, it is not a big deal, as you’ll be spending your holidays there, we’re sure? Who wouldn’t? Beyond that small perk, other things you need are to be older than eighteen and to have a clean bill of health and a clean slate of criminal records. Also, you need to be prepared to invest to comply with the name and the goal of this program.



Taxes are everyone’s nightmare. Even if you’re good at doing taxes, the sooner you’ll realize there’s plenty of them to pay. No one likes taxes. But, how about tax deductions? That sounds better, right? You probably know this from many Hollywood movies but Caribbean countries are seen as tax havens. Once you have a passport from any of the Caribbean countries your tax picture improves. Some of the islands do not even have an income tax. Some do, but what’s the same in all of them is that there is no taxation on foreign income. Also, they are very loose on the property tax. If you want to have a better relationship with taxes in the future, the Caribbean is the sea of your dreams.

Safety And Security

We live in a world where these two things have become more important than anything else. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about your family life or your business endeavors. You want safety and security. The same rules apply when you start choosing where you want to invest to gain your second citizenship. A place that offers a good health system, fine tax situations, good education, a nice climate, and a calm future would top your list, right? That’s right. Most countries in the Caribbean are like that. While you’re not obliged to live or even reside in the Caribbean once you attain the passport many people decide to do so. The reasons are simple life-related benefits that people quickly learn to appreciate.


Partaking in the citizenship by investment program requires you to invest a certain amount of money. This is not only a Caribbean thing. Many countries in Europe and Asia offer the same perks. But, if you want to apply in Austria or Malta your fees will be inflated. After all, we’re talking about EU countries. But, having a Caribbean passport offers similar if not even better perks for half the price. The most cost-efficient offer in the Caribbean is Dominica whose offer starts at below $140,000. This is a fee for a single applicant. A fee of $180,000 is required in Antigua but it works for the entire family.

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