Davina McCall reminds us that we can all feel lonely at Christmas

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“It’s only a day. If you are feeling terrible then curl up with a duvet and watch some funny Christmas films”

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No one really wants to talk about feeling lonely at Christmas – it’s hardly cheery. But in between the turkey and the naff telly, Christmas can be one of the loneliest times of all. And I have a feeling that most of us – whether it be a little or it be a lot – have had moments when this time of the year has felt particularly lonely.

Yesterday Davina McCall used Instagram – a platform typically use throughout the festive period for bragging about what a wonderful time everyone is having – to post a video expressing just this. Wishing all of her followers a Merry Christmas, she gave a special mention to “anyone who is feeling lonely”.

In the 55 second video McCall talked about the various iterations that loneliness can take, “if you’ve lost someone you really care about, and this is your first Christmas without them, or if you couldn’t get home to your family”. She also talked about feeling alone “even if you’re in a huge group of people”. A reminder that everyone, whatever their situation, can have moments of loneliness.

Ending the recording, she signed off with some advice, “It’s only a day. If you are feeling terrible then curl up with a duvet, make yourself some food because that’s a nice act of self love and go and watch some funny Christmas films”.

This is the first Christmas since McCall announced her split from her husband – a point that the tabloids have made much of. Are the two linked? Who knows. But in amongst social media's competitive Christmas tree pictures and perfect festive tableaus, Davina’s Instagram video is a short and very sweet message that can bring a little assurance to us all.

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