The Adventures of Mina and Jack
The Adventures of Mina and Jack


Marion is now a crime fighting cartoon

The Adventures of Mina and Jack are based on the kids who interrupted their dad’s BBC interview

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By Emily Baker on

From the moment we saw her stride into her dad’s BBC interview, Marion Kelly was a hero in our eyes. When she appeared at a press conference wearing a trench coat and trademark pink glasses, we fell further in love with her and backed a bid for her world domination.

Now Marion has become the inspiration for a new animated series, The Adventures of Mina and Jack. The whole family is involved – the panicked dad, the running mum and the pièce de résistance, little brother Jack, is based on the real life baby-bouncer driver James.

Marion and James have now become a crime-fighting duo, helping their dad solve a case for the UN, much to the distress of their mother. Naturally – as art imitates life – they save the day.


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The Adventures of Mina and Jack
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