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Nice work, Dior

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By Marisa Bate on

“What would you do for love?” luxury fashion brand,  Christian Dior wants to know.

And who better to ask than Johnny slap-a-phone-against-your-girlfriend’s-face Depp? We all know that men whose former girlfriends allege they committed violence against them are *definitely* the same men we should be asking about the profound human emotion of respect and intimacy.

To be fair, Dior have asked other people as well, like Jennifer Lawrence and Bella Hadid and Natalie Portman, in a moody black and white video that features skaters and ballerinas and models speaking Italian. This #DIORLOVECHAIN campaign will also see $1 of every bottle of Dior perfume go to We Movement, a global charity that encourages positive community action.

Which is nice. But back to Depp. And Dior. And a brand that took on the women’s empowerment trend with all the fleeting but ferocious commitment of wearing cropped kick flares or big sleeves or those completely useless teeny-tiny bags that you can’t even put your phone in. Just last season they were flogging “We Should All be Feminists’ t-shirts for more than your rent, and now, for A/W 2018, they are using Johnny Depp as a face in a film about love. And perfume. I think.

But, hey, we’ve got much bigger feminist battles to fight, like Melania Trump’s choice of disaster area footwear or re-examining the feminist credentials of Jurassic Park, so let’s not spend too much time being angry about the highly surprising situation that a fashion brand has missed the mark with the same perplexing stupidity as a Kendal Jenner Pepsi add.

But, for the final time, just so we’re all on the same hashtag: feminism is more than a “slogan tee” aimed at broadening your millennial, Insta-audience. And being violent against a woman should prohibit men from being cast in any adverts or campaigns or tweets, but especially ones about love (Yes, even if a woman settles out of court).

So well done Dior for revealing just how fashionable – and meaningless – your line of feminism really is.


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