Photo: @deanfilmore (aka Whoopi Goldberg's granddog)
Photo: @deanfilmore (aka Whoopi Goldberg's granddog)


Welcome to 2019: the year of the celebrity dog wedding

Because America isn’t screwed up enough right now

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By Amy Jones on

There’s only one thing better than a celebrity wedding and that’s a celebrity dog wedding. Lucky for us, Whoopi Goldberg has announced that her daughter’s dog, Filmore Dean, is getting married.

What’s that sound? Oh, it’s just someone fiddling while Rome burns; pay it no attention. Look, cute dogs! Good doggos! Good dogs!

So, while the groom is the granddog of Hollywood legend Whoopi Goldberg, he’s actually outstripped in fame by his bride, Izzy the Frenchie. Izzy has 126,000 followers on Instagram and was recently featured in Vogue, looking darling in a pink feathered dress based on the Valentino one Lady Gaga wore to the Venice Film Festival. It was designed by Izzy’s personal stylist who, erm, used to work at Dior. Because that’s a thing that happens now, apparently.

Watch your Instagram feed on 26 January to see a bunch of celebrities vying to get selfies with a French bulldog in a tiara

According to TMZ, the dogs met while working on the Hillary Clinton campaign (?!) and, although their owners remained close, the dogs are closer – hard to get closer than sniffing each other’s bums, I guess. The owners decided over the holidays that it was high time these lovesick pups got it together, so they’re getting married in a New York ceremony on 26 January before heading back to Goldberg’s place for a party. Award-winning baker Juanita Lane from Dulce Desserts is making the cake and the whole thing will be photographed by Timothy White, who has also photographed Will Smith, Queen Latifah, Julia Roberts and Harrison Ford.

You know, I’ve never felt as bad about my own life choices as I do today, finding out that my entire wedding probably cost less than the cake at a dog wedding. Welcome to 2019, I guess. This is just what life is like, now.

Izzy’s dress has already been designed by her aforementioned personal stylist, and Filmore is having a tuxedo handmade for him. The guest list is said to be full of celebrity friends, so watch your Instagram feed on 26 January to see a bunch of celebrities vying to get selfies with a French bulldog in a tiara. Whether that’s more or less depressing than staring at the news, I will leave to you to decide. Congratulations, Izzy and Filmore!


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