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Period poverty protest to kick off today; Zelda Perkins breaks NDA to talk about former boss Harvey Weinstein; MPs criticise government's approach to homelessness (Photos: Getty Images)


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MPs criticise government’s policy on homelessness

MPs have criticised the government’s stance on minimising homelessness, a report from the House of Commons public accounts committee shows. In it the committee condemns the Department for Communities and Local Government’s “unacceptably complacent” approach to homelessness, calling plans to end homelessness by 2027 just the “tip of the iceberg”. Committee chair Meg Hillier also highlighted issues concerning the lack of housing options for young people, as well as the government’s failure to “do more to understand and measure the real-world costs and causes of homelessness and put in place the joined-up strategy that is so desperately needed.”
The Guardian

Metropolitan police launch investigation following collapse of two rape cases

The Metropolitan Police are to review approaches to sex-crime investigations in light of the breakdown of two rape cases over the past week. Two of the cases involved the same investigating officer, who the Met have said is still on full duty. Speaking to the BBC the Metropolitan Police’s commander, Richard Smith, said: “The Met is completely committed to understanding what went wrong in the case of Mr Allan and is carrying out a joint review with the CPS, the findings of which will be published." A trial involving student Liam Allan collapsed last week when police provided late evidence, and then more recently a rape case involving 25-year-old Isaac Itiary broke down on Tuesday when police provided more relevant evidence. 
BBC News

Weinstein’s former personal assistant gives first tv interview

Harvey Weinstein’s former personal assistant, Zelda Perkins, has broken her nondisclosure agreement in order to give her version of events regarding the producer’s misconduct, to BBC Newsnight. In a preview of the interview, Perkins alleges that the relationship with Weinstein broke down when he attempted to rape her colleague in 1998 at the Venice International Film Festival, soon after which she quit. “You never knew if you were his confidante or going to be screamed at,” she said.
The Independent

Period poverty protest to take place outside downing street

A protest urging the government to take action on period poverty is due to take place this evening, with the likes of model Adwoa Aboah, Shami Chakrabarti and Jess Phillips due to speak at the event. The protest will raise awareness of the challenges facing girls who do not have access to sanitary products, including a tendency for girls as young as 10 to miss school. According to the event, hosted by The Pink Protest, those in attendance are encouraged to “wear red to show the British government that we're not ashamed of blood and they shouldn't be either."

International Business Times


A three-minute address from five children who lived in Grenfell Tower will be broadcast as part of Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message. The children will discuss what they love about the festivities as well as disclosing their personal experiences of the fire that killed 71 people on June 14 this year. In the clip, one of the children, Megan, who was treated for smoke inhalation after being rescued from the fire, said: "My Christmas message is that I think all families, children and families, should have a nice, warm, cosy home."


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Period poverty protest to kick off today; Zelda Perkins breaks NDA to talk about former boss Harvey Weinstein; MPs criticise government's approach to homelessness (Photos: Getty Images)
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