Lubaina Himid, Downing Street, Winter Olympics
Lubaina Himid wins Turner Prize; Downing Street terror plot foiled by police; Russia banned from 2018 Winter Olympics (Photos: Getty Images)


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Police stop plot to assassinate prime minister

An attempt to assassinate Theresa May has been prevented by police, Sky News can reveal. According to police, who spoke to Sky News crime correspondent, Martin Brunt, the plot involved plans to fire an explosive at Downing Street in order to gain entry so as to “attack and kill” May. The two men involved in the plot were arrested last week and will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Wednesday morning.
Sky News

America to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

President Donald Trump is to announce that the United States will recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He has also expressed wishes to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the city in the coming years. No country has made such a declaration since the state was formed in 1948 – as things currently stand, both Israel and Palestine claim the city as their capital. The president’s controversial plans have been condemned by Palestinians and Arab leaders alike, with Saudi Arabia calling the move "a flagrant provocation to Muslims".
BBC News

Russian team banned from 2018 Winter Olympics

The Russian Olympic team is banned from taking part in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, due to institutionalised doping at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced their decision on Tuesday, with IOC disciplinary commission chairman, Samuel Schmid calling the team out for unprecedented “manipulation and cheating” which has “caused unprecedented damage to the Olympics and to sports”. Members of the Russian team who come up clean in drug tests will be permitted to compete on their own under the Olympic flag.
BuzzFeed News

Over 100,000 children will be homeless this Christmas

128,000 children will wake up homeless and in temporary accommodation on Christmas day, a report from Shelter shows. The charity also found that this year has seen the “highest numbers of homeless children in a decade”, with a quarter of families in emergency accomodation having to deal with no access to a kitchen. According to the report, three-quarters of homeless parents surveyed also thought that their children’s mental health had suffered as a result of their surroundings.

The Independent


Older women face an increased risk of poverty, poor housing, social isolation, ill health and early death due to enduring longer periods of low pay and inequality in the workplace, according to a study from the Centre for Ageing Better. It shows that just 36 per cent of women aged 65-69 received their state pension in 2014, while ethnic minority women face an increased risk of having inadequate pension pots. The report also reveals that LGBTQ people and people from ethnic minority backgrounds faced a higher risk of being disadvantaged in their later years.
The Guardian


Lubaina Himid has become the oldest person and first black woman to win the Turner Prize. The 63-year-old artist won the prize for pieces that tackled “colonial history and how racism persists today”. Her win was announced on Tuesday at a ceremony in Hull. A prominent artist since the 1980s, Himid said she was “thrilled” to receive the accolade. "I was overlooked by critics, by press, but I was never overlooked by art historians or curators or other artists,” she said.
BBC News


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Lubaina Himid wins Turner Prize; Downing Street terror plot foiled by police; Russia banned from 2018 Winter Olympics (Photos: Getty Images)
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