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Photo: Nikon


Nikon invited 32 photographers to test a camera and none of them were women

According to the camera company, none of the women they invited were available

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By Emily Baker on

To prove their new camera is the best camera, Nikon invited 32 photographers from Asia, Africa and the Middle East to test it. You can read their stories of using the camera on the company’s website – Kelvin likes to photograph nature, while Cameron is more of a commercial guy and Mark takes pictures of sport. But you won’t find a woman. All 32 photographers asked to test the product were men.

It’s not that Nikon think women photographers don’t exist. According to an apology (which really didn’t apologise at all) published on Twitter, the camera company really tried to get women involved. “The female photographers we invited for this meet were unable to attend,” it read. Yes, all the female photographers – from all over the world – were busy.

Rather than, say, finding other female photographers (of which there are surely many across the whole of Asia, Africa and the Middle East), Nikon decided to go ahead with the all-male testing team anyway.

Nikon faced a full backlash for the campaign, and their subsequent statement.

Manels (all-male panels) aren’t anything new – they’ve discussed everything, from sexism in the workplace to the importance of gender diversity (good one, PayPal). Nikon still hasn’t included any women on the testing panel since the furore broke on Twitter. Presumably, they’re keeping them until they release a smaller, pink camera.


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Photo: Nikon
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