Carolyn McCall (Photo: Getty Images)
Carolyn McCall (Photo: Getty Images)


Carolyn McCall has been named as ITV’s first-ever woman chief executive

ITV has become the second television network this year to appoint a woman in the role

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ITV has appointed the current head of easyJet, Carolyn McCall, as chief executive, replacing former chief executive Adam Crozier, who departed from the role in June. The move, which will see McCall assume her role in January 2018, marks the first appointment of a woman in the position of chief executive at ITV.

It also positions Ms McCall as the second woman ever to head up one of the four mainstream broadcasters in Britain, after Alex Mahon, ex-boss of special-effects firm Foundry, was given the top job at Channel 4 last month.

According to ITV, Ms McCall’s annual salary will come in at £900,000, with the opportunity to reap a bonus plan of up to “180 per cent of salary”, as well as a “long-term incentive plan up to 265 per cent of salary”, which was described as “broadly the same remuneration opportunity” as the new chief executive’s predecessor’s.

Firms with staff of more than 250 will be required to publish gender pay figures in April 2018

Disparities in pay in the media according to gender as well as racial background have come under the spotlight over the past few years, with the BBC’s widely anticipated announcement of gender pay figures set to come out on Wednesday. Despite the BBC’s pledge last year to have at least 50 per cent of lead roles on television and radio filled by women by 2020, the most recent figures from the broadcaster with regards to gender pay inequality are expected to be underwhelming.

The news comes a year after Theresa May’s call for the disclosure of the salaries of those earning more than £150,000 at the BBC. Firms with staff of more than 250 will also be required to publish gender pay figures in April 2018, following legislation that came into force earlier this year.

In a statement provided to ITV, Ms McCall, who is also on the board of the government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and was former chief executive of the Guardian Media Group, said that she was “looking forward to getting to know all of the people at ITV and helping it make the most of the amazing opportunities that it has in the future”.


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Carolyn McCall (Photo: Getty Images)
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