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Having a bad day? Putin says it’s because you’re a woman

Vladimir Putin said that he never has off days because he’s not a woman and so doesn’t have their “natural cycles”

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By Amy Jones on

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that he never has bad days because he isn’t a woman. You may be hopefully assuming that Putin made these comments during, say, a discussion of feminism or the changing role of women in society, but no, they came out of literally nowhere. During an interview with filmmaker Oliver Stone, Putin was asked if he ever had off days and replied “I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days. I am not trying to insult anyone. That's just the nature of things. There are certain natural cycles.”

It’s safe to assume that by “natural cycles”, Putin is talking about the menstrual cycles many women have. But considering at different times in a woman’s cycle she experiences an increased sex drive, more energy, sharper mental focus and boosts in mood, it’s more likely that natural cycles cause more good days than bad – and any pains or grumpiness we might get around our periods are nothing compared to how much of a pain in the vagina stupid comments like this are.

But Putin’s comments did get me wondering…who in the world probably does have quite a lot of “bad days” thanks to him?

  • Anyone that’s part of the LGBT community, particularly the 100 gay men who have allegedly been detained and tortured in Chechnya
  • Anyone who disagrees with or opposes him politically
  • The families of murdered journalists who used to be Russian spies 
  • Basically anyone in the Ukraine
  • Or Crimea
  • Anyone who could be murdered in order to be used as a political tool
  • Journalists, especially those in Russia who believe in a free press
  • Protestors, who are fined up to £13,000 or sentenced to up to five years of forced labour for attending non-sanctioned protests 
  • The people who have to investigate whether or not Russia interfered in the American election

Period cramps don’t seem so bad compared to all that, do they? Maybe he should turn his attention to the “bad days” these people are having instead of worrying about ours. At the very least he should take a few biology lessons before he starts wanging on about “natural cycles” again, because the world is laughing at him thanks to this, and to a man like Putin that must seem like a very bad day indeed.


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