Photo: SCS, YouTube
Photo: SCS, YouTube


No, the SCS actress is not the “most annoying woman in the world”

Victoria Thomas, the woman in the sofa shop’s adverts, has come under wholly unmerited fire – just for doing her job

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By Emily Baker on

Unless you’ve just moved in to a new house, it’s hard to get excited about a sofa. Victoria Thomas is the actress in the SCS adverts has to be excited about sofas every time there’s a new sale, and there’s always a new sale. Victoria is very good at her job.

In fact, the world seems to think that she’s *too* good at her job, prompting The Daily Mail to ask whether she’s the “most annoying woman in the world”. People on Twitter think she's “too smiley and shiny”, and that her fitted maroon dress makes her too “overdressed” to sell sofas. She should “burn in hell” and she “needs help”.

In the advert, the actress says the lines that have been written for her in the way she has been told to project them. She wears the clothes that have been provided for her, and tries to look as excited about carpet samples as she possibly can. Victoria Thomas is a woman just doing her job. The attacks coming from bored people on Twitter – and validated by the press – are not only unnecessary, but also wholly unfounded. 

Easily brushed off as a "joke", people seem all too ready to forget that Victoria is a real person living in the real world. As well as acting, she also runs a talent agency and a performing arts school. Like most, she has feelings that can be hurt.

It’s easy to be angry, and there are plenty of things to get angry at. Victoria Thomas is not one of them.


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Photo: SCS, YouTube
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