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Remove your headscarf or leave America says the racist letter delivered to a Muslim woman

The letter told the woman her headscarf “would not be tolerated” now America is “great again”

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By Emily Baker on

A hijab-wearing Muslim woman in Pennsylvania has allegedly received a letter from an apparently newly formed Neighbourhood Town Watch group, ordering her to remove her headscarf or leave America.

This is not an official correspondence from the President-elect but the “Trump; make America great again!” masthead has been used to ratify the terrifyingly racist message.

The senders order the woman to stop wearing her hijab, offering her two “opportunities” to avoid the “consequences” of her previous actions. This involves either removing her headscarf, or leaving America all together.

This letter is one of dozens of incidents against Muslim women since the election, including a teacher in Georgia who received a letter from her students telling her to hang herself with her headscarf. Muslims are reassuring each other that it is OK to remove their hijabs if they feel scared. Elsewhere, it has been reported that Muslim women are taking self-defence lessons.

The rise in hate crimes following Brexit can now be seen in Trump’s America, a nation whose racists now seemingly feel supported and authorised by their President-elect.

EDIT: The letter is not proven to be sent by a Neighbourhood Town Watch group.


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