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Marie Kondo has inspired a mass wardrobe-clean

The cleaning guru’s latest Netflix show is causing a widespread tidying phenomenon

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Hands up who is cleaning out their wardrobe this weekend. Me, too – specifically, the shoe cupboard. The start of a new year has long prompted a good old clear-up; however, this year, there is an extra cleaning force at play: Marie Kondo. New Year’s Day saw the launch of the cleaning guru’s new TV series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo – a reality show that sees Kondo tidy slovenly homes across America. Transforming hellish bedrooms and chaotic kitchens into palaces of zen, Kondo imparts gems such as: “When folding, it’s important to convey love to your clothes from the palms of your hands.” The art of vertical folding is taught and the question “Does it spark joy?” is asked.

The eight-episode series, which is available on Netflix, is set to be one of the most bingeable boxsets of the year and has already inspired a global cleaning phenomenon, according to Twitter. Users of the social-media platform have been posting images of their newly tidied wardrobes, cupboard and drawers, with accompanying captions such as “tfw you tune into that new marie kondo show and you suddenly have newly organized shelves and two large donation piles” and “Watches one episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on @netflix and throws everything away”.

Far from being a chore, several people have expressed enthusiasm about tiding – “I CANNOT WAIT TO REFOLD EVERY ITEM OF CLOTHING IN MY HOUSE” – while plenty appear to be taking Kondo’s cleaning inspiration very seriously: “Every human in the house has been notified that if they mess w/ my spark they shall face my wrath.”

In fact, one woman took Kondon’s “spark joy” ethos to the extreme by removing her wardrobe doors: “Am KonMari-ing, and I decided that closet doors DO NOT spark joy so guess who just removed their closet doors.”

Having sold over 8.5 million copies of her first book, The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying, and with her third book reportedly being bought by Little, Brown publishers for a seven-figure sum, Kondo is the success story that we didn’t see coming. In an age of high-glamour Kardashian-a-likes, Love Island and Hollywood royals, who wants to read about cleaning out their wardrobe? A whole lot of us, it transpires. And by the looks of things, we want to watch it on telly, too. Sometimes, it’s the little things.



Photo: Netflix
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