Can you really curl your hair using a water bottle?

The thrifty hair hack has gone viral, but can an Evian bottle replace your trusty tongs? Elle Turner gave it a go

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By Elle Turner on

Over the weekend, the internet was swamped with videos of influencers curling their hair with none other than a plastic water bottle. The trend, which initially kicked off in Asia, shows people placing their hair into plastic bottles with the lids cut off, before positioning the blow-dryer nozzle through a slit cut in the side. The combination of heat and wind spins the hair into, what appears to be, effortless spirals. Since the first video was published four days ago, the hair hack has gone viral in the beauty community, with everyone giving it a go, from celebrity make-up artists to Huda Beauty founder, Huda Kattan, trying it out for her 28.7 million followers to see.

In fairness, given that hair tools are expensive (the recently released Dyson Airwrap cost upwards of £399!), I can see the appeal of a 69p bottle of water. It would be one hell of a saving.

I decided to try it out for myself to see if it could stack up against tongs. And, well, it kind of worked. The bottle was easy to cut into shape. And piling my boob-length hair into the plastic funnel wasn’t too tricky (although I wonder whether it would pose a problem for those with shorter hair, especially when you get to the back). After that, it was just a matter of switching on the blow-dryer (medium setting) and waiting a few seconds – I stopped when my ends flew out of the top. When I pulled my hair out, it was definitely curled (though a bit tangly), so, in that sense, you could call it a success. That said, there’s not much in the way of heat regulation (the stuff that hair-tool brands pay thousands getting right, so that you don’t risk ending up with frazzled hair). The truth is, I really wouldn’t recommend trying this at home. Sitting with a half-melted bottle of plastic in my hand, with the glue from the label melting into my palm, the hair from my head stuck to said glue and a good deal of PVA fumes making me feel slightly loopy, I did start to wonder whether it wasn’t worth just sticking with my tongs. Health hazard aside, it’s also a real waste of a plastic bottle. But, if you’re after something that curls hair and saves time, I’d recommend this genius hack instead.


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