Photo: Scout Paré Phillips
Photo: Scout Paré Phillips


This tights brand is campaigning for bras that don’t dig in

Heist have launched a new social campaign highlighting the discomfort of women’s underwear

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By Frankie Graddon on

It’s been a big week for underwear. On Tuesday, it was announced that thongs are having a comeback and then came the news that suspender belts were also on the up. No sooner had we digested that information, Heist, purveyor of the world’s most comfortable tights, posted a series of photographs to its Instagram account, highlighting the uncomfortable nature of our bras and pants. Starting with a black and white image by photographer Justin Bartels, the images show the pinch lines and red marks often left by our smalls.

“We wanted to start a discussion around uncomfortable underwear… We wanted to share something that reflects that feeling when your bra digs in, when pants leave marks on your sides and tummy,” explained the brand on its Instagram page.

Perhaps the most powerful image is of a naked torso displaying deep, red grooves around the ribs and under the bust taken by photographer Scout Paré Phillips. Aside from the fact that the initially uncensored picture had to be replaced with a version that had the nipples covered (come on, Instagram!), it starkly shows the discomfort that most of us experience every day. Who hasn’t got home ready to rip their bra from their body and fling it across the bedroom?

The reaction on social media has been considerable, with several users calling for underwear options that aren’t, quite literally, a pain in our sides.

I want a bra that’s comfortable, seamless, can be worn with any coloured top and designed so that I don’t have to keep adjusting the shoulder straps,” read one comment. “Please please please manufacture bras that are bone and seam free – that’s don’t ride up or curl/roll up,” read another.

Clearly, this is an issue that needs addressing and one that Heist could (fingers crossed) be about to solve: “You'll know from our tights that we’re on a mission to change that by bringing innovation to the forefront with new products that work for everyone. We hope you’ll like what we have in store next.” According to a spokesperson for the brand, on 15 November it will be launching a new range of bodywear. A campaign will be going live on 29 October, with the chance to sign up to the waiting list. As for what the bodywear includes? That much is still under wraps, but if it’s pants that don’t pinch and a bra that doesn’t dig in, then we’re fully on board.


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