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The year trainers became acceptable to wear to dinner 

Nike have reported sales of a record high, which is no surprise says Frankie Graddon – 2015 was the year of the trainer 

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By Frankie Graddon on

It’s 2005 – the year skinny jeans became a thing, the term "boho-chic" was coined (thanks Sienna) and celebrities wore Juicy Couture tracksuits to the airport. Fast forward ten years and the defining article of clothing of 2015 has got to be a pair of trainers. 

Certainly not a new thing (trainers have been mass produced since the early 1900s), over the past couple of years trainers have become THE shoe that everyone is wearing. Not just to the gym or out for a run, but to the pub, to the shops and out for dinner. Have a look at the feet around you – what’s on them? I wouldn’t mind betting at least one pair is wearing trainers.

It is of no surprise then that yesterday Nike Inc. reported that stocks have hit record high levels following booming sales.  

"2015 was the single greatest calendar year ever for the Nike brand," said Trevor Edwards, Nike brand president. 

Globally, sales have rocketed with sales in Western Europe climbing 12 percent to nearly $1.3 billion. Sales through have also increased. 

But the trainer market is huge. So why have Nike excelled in particular? Well, it’s all down to design. Whereas last year was all about wearing your boyfriend jeans with a pair of Stan Smiths, a la Céline’s Phoebe Philo, this year was all about moving the look on with a pair of Air Force 1’s, or slightly chunkier Air Max. With a sportier aesthetic, they tap into our current obsession with the athletic look. #LiveCleanTrainDirty. 

When Christian Dior launched their crystal trainers back in 2014 a new genre of shoe was born – "cocktail trainers". Suddenly it was not only acceptable but also very on trend to wear your trainers to dinner with a nice dress. Where many high fashion trends wane, this one has (unsurprisingly) stuck fast, but you needn’t spend a fortune on Dior. A pair of Nike Roshe in sleek black or covered in Liberty print will do very nicely. Upwards of £70 they aren’t the cheapest shoes going, but here’s the other thing – my God are they comfortable. And yes, you will wear them everyday for the next four months, ergo are totally worth it. 

2015: the year of the trainer. Let’s hope 2016 is too.  


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