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The new Durex advert tackles painful sex for women

“We’ve let our hair out, gone back to work and made our voices heard, so why are we still putting up with uncomfortable and painful sex?”

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By Iesha Thomas on

In almost every heterosexual sex scene ever, things escalate pretty quickly. It goes from hot make-out session to right into the act. And, magically, the couple always orgasm at exactly the same time, without a hitch.

Which is wonderful, but, as any woman knows, things don’t always work that smoothly. Vaginal dryness is a very real, very normal part of having sex. But nobody talks about it.

That’s why Durex’s new advert for their Naturals Intimate Gel is a breath of fresh air.

The ad begins by saying we’ve let our hair grow out, gone back to work and made our voices heard. A woman showing body hair, a working mum and a protestor? Off to a great start.

It then asks, so why are we still putting up with uncomfortable and painful sex? 

Excellent question.

In this quite brilliant campaign, Durex explains that a woman’s natural lubrication can vary throughout her cycle, which is why there’s no shame in getting a bit of help.

Many women experience body-shame during sex. In fact, one in 10 women don’t feel confident about their bodies or their sexual ability. So it’s no wonder that, if things don’t feel quite right, we’ve conditioned ourselves to say we’re the problem.

Of course, they’re selling a product here, but the message accompanying the ad – that instead of brushing over the awkward subjects around sex, someone being honest and saying, hey, feeling dry down there? Me too, it’s alright – is long overdue.

And although the advert does target younger audiences, we’d love to see them do another campaign including women who are going through the menopause, or who have already, as vaginal dryness affects many women of all ages.

It's about time we started talking about it – and it makes a refreshing change for a woman to watch an advert and feel reassured, rather than increasingly insecure. Talking about cervical mucus is a big step away from the sexy adverts Durex usually produce. But we’re loving this change in tactics, if it means breaking the stigma around lubrication.


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Photo: Havas London
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