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Will going teetotal for a fortnight make me more productive?

Emma Gunavardhana is breaking 2018 down into a series of 26 two-week micro-wins in the form of a habit to make or break. This week, she tackles going teetotal for a fortnight

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By Emma Gunavardhana on

Is alcohol the next tobacco? Smoking was as common 30 years ago as drinking is now but, since we learnt how massive the threat was to our health, the government has imposed bans and strict regulations, upped the cost and even chosen the most unappealing pantone in which to package cigarettes, as a deterrent. Should alcohol be next? When stress, anxiety and depression are at an all-time high and alcohol, a known depressant, is not only freely available but socially acceptable, could that regular drink after work, glass of red with dinner or full-blown session actually be damaging our mental health?

I’m an irregular drinker who is more likely to over indulge every now and again than drink half a bottle every night, but the fact it dulls my senses for 24 hours after the fact, and fills me with "beer fear" the day after, feels, for me, as someone who has bouts of anxiety, like something close to self-harm. Everyone’s relationship with alcohol is different but, as someone who is either all or nothing, my fourth #26habits is to try to break the habit of casual drinking, for the sake of my mental health.

In this fortnight, Hannah Varrall and I navigate saying no to a tipple, log the differences we feel by going alcohol-free and see whether two weeks of being sober is enough to encourage us to quit for good...


Photo: Stocksy
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