Can I actually use my long-neglected exercise equipment?

For her 19th habit, Emma Guns is trying to make a mini-workout out of her guilty at-home fitness purchases

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By Emma Gunavardhana on

Every now and again I sheepishly purchase at-home fitness equipment, you know, the stuff that hangs from a door frame or claims to simulate the moves you get from a big machine in the gym, worrying that the checkout staff can see, as I do, that I probably won’t ever use it. However, I can’t stop and, in my gym, which is actually a space between my bookcase and my reading chair, there’s an ever-growing collection of devices that are gathering dust.

I know some people’s guilty purchase is stationery, others fill their kitchens with cookery tools like smoothie makers, air fryers and spiralisers. In this habit, I’m going to see if they can actually become a part of our lives, if, rather than gathering dust, they can actually fulfil the hopes we have when we buy them. 

Find out how I’m going to incorporate a hotchpotch of gym gear every day for two weeks...


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