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Do I own too many clothes? 

Do the benefits of a wardrobe clear-out go beyond simply having more space? For the 10th of her 26 Habits, Emma Guns intends to find out

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By Emma Gunavardhana on

"I knew I wanted to include having a major wardrobe clearout/overhaul as one of my #26habits. I found the idea intriguing and one that I was sure sounded easy in theory, but wasn’t so easy to put into practice – hence wanting to try it out first-hand and report my findings back. What I didn’t realise was how much I actually needed it for reasons that were shocking, even to me...

"The 10th #26habits was originally going to be about starting from scratch with my wardrobe. A complete ‘fashion delete’ to mark a new, more positive era in my life – and one where I actually found out what clothes did and didn’t suit me. Every time I thought about emptying my entire closet something stopped me, I held back, until I read Tessa Coates' feature and her experiences with the Project 333 Challenge, which afforded me an in-between option. Edit your wardrobe down to 33 items and wear only these clothes for three months, keep the stuff you don’t want to throw away out of sight and donate, sell and repurpose the rest.

"If you’ve read any Marie Kondo you’ll know that the power of decluttering extends far beyond the extra space you gain in your storage. So, when all my clothes, shoes, handbags and scarves were piled on my bed (a crucial step in the process) I shouldn’t have been surprised that I was hit square in the gut with an emotional sucker punch. These weren’t clothes, these were ties to the past and a fashion camouflage I was hiding myself with..."


Photo: Stocksy
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