3 ways to relax on your way home

These simple exercises may be just the thing to transform your commute

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Let's be honest, commutes are often a downright pain. Inching on to sweaty Tube trains, crawling along on packed buses or holing up on chilly platforms can feel pretty awful. But, changing the way you view and, more importantly, use your commute can make a world of difference. Instead of seeing it as 40 minutes carved out of your day, use it as a chance to unwind and relax. Switch exasperated sighs for deep, calming breaths, and Instagram scrolling for massaging weary pressure points, so that, by the time you arrive home, you'll feel thoroughly chilled out.

EASY breathing exercises

Place your feet hip-width apart in front of you and place your arms on the arms of the chair (or, failing that, either side of you). Take a deep breath in for five seconds through the nose, then breathe out for five seconds through the mouth.

Know your pressure points

Place your thumb at the base of your wrist and lightly knead for two minutes. Next, hook your fingers in the middle of your opposite shoulder, squeeze gently and hold for two minutes. Finally, gently massage your fingers down your ear and continue to include top cartilage and lobes.


Choose tracks you know calm you – it doesn't need to be wooshing rivers and breezy winds (though they are pretty darn relaxing). If that's not your thing, pick songs you count on to put you in a better mood. Plug your headphones in, block out the day's stresses and relax.


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