How to wear your high-waisted trousers

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Three ways to style the trousers that are currently all over the high street

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If your daily wardrobe consists of regulation-waistband jeans or trousers, you might take one look at their high-waisted counterparts and shudder slightly. I don’t blame you – they sit a lot higher (on your actual waist, obviously, which is oft neglected) than most styles of trousers on offer and, as a result, it’s a bit trickier to find tops, shoes and everything else to wear with them. As a happy convert to the high-waisted camp, however, I can happily inform you that they are, in fact, some of the most flattering trousers on offer and surprisingly easy to wear, too.  So, with that in mind, here are three ways to wear them to get you started…

How to wear them for the weekend

Tuck in a simple T-shirt for one of the easiest ways to wear high-waisted trousers. If you’re going for a more casual look, wear with your trainers or try a jazzy pair of shoes to make the whole outfit feel a bit dressier.



How to wear them for work

More stylish than regular suit trousers and often smarter, too, try a fine-knit roll neck under a striped shirt or, if you’re not a fan of lots of layers, a silky blouse works just as well on its own.



How to wear them for everyday

Striped trousers are big news at the moment but, coupled with a higher waist can seem impossible to wear. The vertical stripes, however, are really flattering and look great against your everyday basics – think trench coats, jumpers and trainers. If you love print and patterns, try clashing them with a striped shirt in a different colour – just keep your accessories simple and to a minimum.




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