The £7 style trick that’ll cheer up your wardrobe

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Once thought of as a bit naff, coloured tights are actually an easy (and cheap) way to jazz up your outfits

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

Up until now, I’ve never been able to get on board with tights of any colour but black. I have several friends and family members who love them, but I’ve always thought of them as a bit naff. This is mainly because I couldn’t find a way to wear them without feeling silly. That is, until I went to Oslo’s answer to fashion week and witnessed several Insta-famous women making them look excellent. And I decided to rethink.

Bright tights can be a good way of adding colour to a more neutral wardrobe

The main lesson I took away was to wear them with longer hemlines and clashing colours, or perk up a plainer outfit with a particularly bold shade. If you’re a bit wary of colour, this is an easy way to pull it off. Karoline Dall, a German fashion blogger, is currently my main source of inspiration – from a pair of plum coloured tights with a printed skirt and simple jumper to a flash of yellow with a midi dress and trainers, she makes it look wearable. I’m going to try pairing shades of the same colour for a twist on colour blocking.

For instance, a light blue midi dress with dark blue tights. If you’re still not convinced, ease yourself in with a darker colour – darker shades of purple or red look great with just a black dress and feel a lot less daunting. Calzedonia is a great place to start – there are a number of different colours to choose from and they last for ages. Plus, at £7, it’s probably the most affordable way to reinvent your wardrobe.






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Photo: @karodall
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