3 ways to up your jewellery game this autumn

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Once regarded as a fashion faux pas, mixing metals is the new way to wear your jewellery. Hannah Banks-Walker shows us how. Sponsored by Pandora

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There are days when, in the absence of enough time and energy to really care what you’re wearing, piling on your jewellery is the easiest way to make yourself feel more put-together. If, like me, however, your jewellery box resembles Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders – in that there’s a whole jumble of stuff lying in it – it can be an entire job just to work your way through it. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to untangle a necklace, but you may want to take a day off to attempt it. Add to that the chore of sifting through silver, gold, rose gold and whatever else you have lying around, and it’s actually more trouble than it’s worth.

Good news, then, that this season’s biggest jewellery trend is mixed metals. By which I mean wearing everything at once, regardless of any former “rules” that may have existed about not wearing silver and gold together. Instead, you can layer silver necklaces with gold, fill up one hand with rose-gold rings and the other with silver, and wear as many bracelets, in as many different colours, as you like. You can mismatch your metals with abandon, regardless of what your grandma might think.

Stacking rings 


Layered necklaces 

An arm full of bracelets

Alternatively, you could treat yourself to brand-new jewellery that’s already done the hard mixing for you. And, luckily, such a treasure trove does indeed exist in the form of Pandora's Reflexions charm bracelet, which you can mix and match as you please. Aladdin won’t have anything on you.



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Photo: Pandora 
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