How old is "too old" for a backpack?

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This week, Helen Mirren was trolled for being “too old” to wear a rucksack. How ludicrous, says Hannah Banks-Walker

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I would say that you won’t believe what happened to Helen Mirren this week. I’d say that in no world would you ever have been able to predict what happened to Helen Mirren this week. But then, it’s 2018 and, as I said last week (and the week before that, probably), 2018 is utter madness. So, you may not be entirely surprised to discover that, on posting a photograph of herself to Instagram, wearing her “favourite bag”, Helen Mirren was essentially trolled for being “too old” to carry a backpack. I know – I told you. Twenty-eighteen.

In light of this, it got me thinking that the beauty of the humble backpack is that, contrary to those Instagram trolls, it’s so democratic. Most people I know use one, you can get one for all budgets and they’re actually a useful accessory. Also, given how you physically wear them, they’re not going to give you a crippling pain in one shoulder or leave you with some sort of limp on one side of your body. You won’t get a dead arm from dangling them in the crook of your elbow and you can fit all your stuff in them. Backpacks are, in short, excellent. They’re excellent (and super cute) when worn by tiny children on their first day at school, and they’re excellent for 73-year-old Helen Mirren when she goes to the market. And, of course, they’re excellent for everyone in between.

As a ridiculous person, I obviously want Burberry’s rucksack. I also want to pay my rent, which is why the likes of ASOS and Charles & Keith may be more realistic. If you’re in the market for something smarter, look to Whistles, Jigsaw or Matt & Nat – a brand that only uses vegan materials. Knomo is excellent for added practicality (the compartments!), while Zara and Uterque also have great options. In fact, see my pick of the best backpacks below. Tell your friends, tell your elderly relatives. Backpacks are for everyone – and that’s just a fact.

Click here for the best backpacks – whatever your age 


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Photo: @helenmirren 
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