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7 of the best in-between shoes you can wear right now

Too cold for sandals, too hot for boots – here are the best September shoes to see you through

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

For some of us, it’s like the heatwave never even happened. It’s a faded tan line on our short-term memories – a reminder of the good times we had. It’s over now, which feels bittersweet, like the end of anything vaguely enjoyable. If it weren’t for the promise of new clothes, perhaps I’d feel less positive about it. But then, autumn fashion is infinitely more democratic than summer’s sartorial offering. Jumpers, boots, long sleeves, tights… there’s a lot to be said for being cosy.

Only, it’s still too warm to wear most of these things. I tried, I really did. I put on a new coat over a long-sleeved dress and ankle boots the other morning, when I could feel a rather crisp breeze blowing in through the window. By the time I’d reached the train station, however, I thought I might pass out. By the end of the day, my feet had swollen in the heat and I felt entirely ridiculous. With the weather forecast suggesting we’ve got at least another few weeks of this climate, I’ve decided I need to work out exactly how to navigate my wardrobe. The answer, I’ve decided, lies in the shoes.

Whether I’m wearing dresses I can layer or jeans with fine knits, a pair of the high street’s new in-between shoes are the ideal accompaniment. By "in between", I basically mean that they’re not summer sandals and nor are they boots – rather, they’re slingbacks, fresh new trainers or pretty, embellished flats. Or, it could be the print that makes them appropriate for this seasonal no man’s land – leopard, for example, always works, as exemplified by the recent hype over one skirt in particular. Whatever it is, if it means that my feet remain human-sized, I’m happy.

7 of the best in-between seasons shoes on the high street

The leopard-print pair


The fancy flats 


The new trainers 


The everyday kitten heels


The comfy block heels 


The pair to jazz up your jeans 


The new going-out shoes 


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Photo: Rex Features 
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