Why yellow dresses are more popular than ever

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Sales of yellow dresses are bigger than ever, with Net-A-Porter reporting fourfold increases. To help you get your sunny fix, here are five of the best

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that those who quote themselves are the actual worst. That being said, I am writing on the subject of fashion, which, as we all know, is cyclical. It’s highly likely, therefore, that I have at least ruminated on certain subjects before – boots, coats, beaded bags? I’ve done it all, folks! So, I hope you’ll forgive me when I say that, actually, I was right when I said that the colour yellow is “the sartorial equivalent of a smile”. I now feel vindicated, largely thanks to new stats from Net-A-Porter, which show just how popular this sunny shade is at the moment.

According to the brand, searches for “yellow” and “yellow dresses” have more than doubled, with yellow midi dresses as the true stars of this whole performance. It’s not hard to see why – I fell in love with Kitri’s midi last year (which is still available and which I still look at a lot) because it’s just so joyful. Amal Clooney breezed into the royal wedding in her own Stella McCartney yellow dress, only to be crowned Best Dressed Guest. By me, admittedly. But there were many others who clearly dug her look, because Net-A-Porter also reports that, since the wedding, sales of yellow dresses have increased fourfold. Lisa Aiken, fashion director at Net-A-Porter, said, “We don’t see the trend for yellow dresses slowing down – sales at Net-A-Porter have increased significantly since last year and, out of all the dress colourways available on site now, yellow styles have seen the largest growth this year.”

For colour-phobes, I understand that yellow seems a bit, well, extra. In which case, I’d suggest looking for a printed dress – Urban Outfitters and & Other Stories both have some good options that are easy to throw on every day. There’s also mustard, which is easier to work into your wardrobe if you normally stick to darker colours or more muted tones. I’m really into Kitri’s frock (again – I love Kitri so much), which I would wear now and then add boots for autumn. In fact, the high street is full of them, so I’ve included five of the best below. If you’re worried about how to wear them, I’d like to direct you to this piece on how to wear yellow. I know, I did it again. Thus ends my triptych on the theme of yellow.

5 of the best yellow dresses on the high street:






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