How do you wear a sun hat without feeling ridiculous?

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Sun hats are apparently more popular that sunglasses this summer. But how do you wear one without feeling like a total twit? Hannah Banks-Walker explains

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If you’re currently compiling the mother of all Pinterest boards, entirely dedicated to chic sun hats that you think would make you feel like Grace Kelly on the Riviera, were you to try one on, you’re not alone. The amount of pictures of sun hats being “saved” on to boards has gone up by 50 per cent, according to Pinterest’s recent intel. And, given the amount of emails I’ve had regarding hats of every kind (including one from F&F, which stated that sales of sun hats were in fact greater than those of sunglasses), it’s clear that straw hats, floppy hats and even visors are big news at the moment. The only problem, then, is how to take it from an abstract concept that looks great on your carefully curated Pinterest board to your actual head.

Hats are tricky to wear, mainly because most of us don’t ever do it. I’ve bought several oversized sun hats, determined that this year will be the summer of The Hat, in which I looked effortlessly chic at all times. Like most impulse purchases, however, they have sat unworn, unloved and, ultimately, disregarded. It’s a sad story. So, this summer, I have decided to make an informed purchase and buy something that will actually suit me and not make me feel like moron number one.

The only problem, then, is how to take it from an abstract concept that looks great on your carefully curated Pinterest board to your actual head 

The key, I think, is to decide when and where you want to wear it. Do you just want one for the beach? If the answer is yes, I think a large, floppy style is perfect. Nobody’s looking at you, so engrossed are they in their suncream application, so you won’t feel too conspicuous and you can also use it as a handy form of shade. My favourite is & Other Stories’ riot of colour or Warehouse’s classic black band. I’m also very into ASOS’ hat trimmed with a polka-dot scarf – v old-school glam. If you’re going nowhere near a beach and just want a hat for sunny days at home, I would suggest getting something a bit less ostentatious, which won’t look out of place with your everyday outfits.

Try M&S’ boater – with jeans and a lovely blouse, this would look fab. Or, Jigsaw’s fedora-style would look just as good in the city as it would a ramble in the countryside (because who doesn’t like to ramble?). And if you’re on the hunt for something you could wear to a wedding, which doesn’t feel too formal, try Next’s frayed edges or Mango’s stylish black number. Still not convinced you want to wear a hat? Anthropologie has this visor, which I think is superbly chic. Whichever you choose, I recommend trying them on with a few different outfits before you make up your mind, just to see how you feel. You never know, 2018 may just be the summer of The Hat.

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