The high-street gem that’s worth rediscovering

Home of the sequin kaftan, Monsoon has had a fashionable summer makeover. Here are our top 5 picks

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

The other day, Frankie Graddon and I were frantically browsing the Monsoon website, desperate to unearth a dress she’d seen on a friend. “It was so nice and looked so expensive, I immediately assumed it was designer,” Frankie cried, over the desk. I hadn’t even seen this woman but, blimey, did I want to find the black gingham sundress Frankie decreed was The Ultimate Summer Frock. Sadly, it has already sold out; however, as I clicked through Monsoon's "new in" page, I noticed how utterly brilliant the summer offering was. Less bejewelled kaftans and cheesecloth blouses (though there are still a few), more chic striped trousers and stylish sundresses. The summer collection is full of the sorts of clothes that will leave all your friends (not to mention Team Pool) clamouring to find out exactly where you got them from. Monsoon? No! Tell me more. 

There are button-down midis, long-sleeved, embroidered dresses, culotte jumpsuits and snazzy sandals. Pretty cotton blouses and denim skirts are also all in the mix, making for a really lovely – and versatile – range of pieces. Keep an eye out for the next drop (arriving online imminently), which is full of standout frocks (like the one above) and separates. Plus, the size range currently extends to a 22, meaning that this excellent summer collection is far more inclusive than a lot of the high street. 

5 of Monsoon's best summer pieces 







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