6 ways to celebrate T-shirt weather

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The weather is finally warm enough for us all to feel comfortable in something other than a chunky jumper. Celebrate with the high street’s jazzy new T-shirts

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

Few things feel as fantastic as the first day of spring, when you can leave the house without taking seven jumpers with you. Or a coat, for that matter. In fact, most days at the moment are just about warm enough for us all to enjoy the feeling of the breeze on our bare arms. Yes, it’s T-shirt weather, which is excellent for reasons threefold. Firstly, it means that everyone will be in a slightly better mood thanks to good weather. Secondly, absolutely everybody can wear T-shirts, which makes them democratic and thus less likely to attract the ire of Twitter. Finally, the high street has some brilliant styles currently on offer, which are jazzy enough to make your standard “jeans and a T-shirt” outfit look a bit more considered.

Whether you wear them with said jeans, tucked into high-waisted trousers or to dress down a fancy skirt, here are six of the best tees on offer at the moment…

6 of the best T-shirts on the high street








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