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Jazzy flats you can walk to work in

The weather is finally suggesting that it’s a good idea to walk absolutely everywhere, so there’s only one thing you need, says Hannah Banks-Walker – a pair of flat shoes

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While I could probably find almost any excuse to hail a taxi rather than walk, the weather recently has been as good for my general expenditure as it has my wellbeing. There’s something about the sunshine – particularly when it arrives after what feels like a winter of Game of Thrones proportions – that makes everything feel better. Mood, skin, your job – it all looks less gloomy bathed in sunlight. As does the prospect of walking to work, home, to the pub or anywhere that requires travel, actually. When outside space is such an expensive commodity for so many, it seems obvious that we’d try and find as many excuses as possible to spend more time outside when the weather is glorious. This does mean, however, that footwear is more important than usual, lest your feet be covered in blisters for the rest of the summer.

The high street happens to be packed with shoes that are as practical as they are lovely to look at, and equally easy to wear with sundresses as they are midi hemline

While the old saying “once bitten, twice shy” may ring true for many, for my shoes and me it means absolutely nothing. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to wince my way to the nearest shop – and into my emergency overdraft – just to change my shoes for a less devastating pair. I currently own a pair of pointy block heels that, despite the agony that washes over me by the end of the day, I wear several times a week. While many trainer-advocates may be reading this and tutting, I only wish I felt more comfortable in Stan Smith's. They just never feel very “me”. Which is why I’m excited by the prospect of a new pair of flats. Comfort does not always marry with style – or, at least, that’s been a commonly held preconception for a while. But the high street happens to be packed with shoes that are as practical as they are lovely to look at, and equally easy to wear with sundresses as they are midi hemlines.

Mango’s sandals are essentially now Insta-famous, so ubiquitous is the praise heaped on them. I want to wear them with everything and can’t choose between yellow or black. Meanwhile, Mint Velvet has a fab selection of all manner of flats and I’m (more than) mildly obsessed with Sam Edelman’s satin shoes. If you can’t imagine straying from trainers, M&S and Superga are both excellent bets, while Whistles and Cos have some great closed-toe flat shoes, too. The burning question, though, is really this: what am I going to spend my money on if not Uber? Maybe more shoes.

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