“I feel passionately that you can be a mum and do whatever else you want to do, too”

In the first of our "My Every Day Series", photographer and blogger Eimear Varian-Barry talks juggling kids, social media and the importance of a comfy jumper 

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I never set out to be a blogger; I did a photography course in Ireland before falling into radio. In my twenties, I moved to New York, where I worked on the set of Sex And The City (it sounds very glamorous, but it really wasn’t). I was there for a few years and it was a lot of fun, but I reached a point where I needed to be somewhere quieter – I needed the beach! So, I moved to Australia and travelled across the country on my own, just me and a backpack. It was while I was working on a tomato farm that I met Daniel and we moved to Surrey to be closer to his family.

Within the first week of living in England, I found out I was pregnant. To be honest, I thought my life as I knew it was over but, in fact, it had only just begun – motherhood sorted me out. I started posting on Instagram – pictures of life and the things around me – and it became a really important outlet. For me, Instagram is a happy, inspirational place where I can express myself and I think, for women, that’s really important. We need communication, we need validation to survive emotionally and I found myself feeling very nurtured by what I saw online. People started liking my posts and it all grew organically from there. I never expected it.

Eimear's desk set-up

I feel very passionately that you can be a mum and do whatever else you want to do, too. It's easy to lose some confidence when you first have a baby, but on the other hand you also develop this deep self-belief in other ways that’s very empowering. That’s why I find Instagram so inspiring – there are so many mothers doing their own thing. Bryony Gordon inspires me – I really respect what she’s doing by talking about mental health. What Mother Pukka (aka Anna Whitehouse) is doing for flexible working under her Flex Appeal campaign really speaks to me, too.

That’s why I find Instagram so inspiring – there are so many mothers doing their own thing

I spend one weekday and one day over the weekend in London; the rest of the time I work from home. When I’m heading into town, I’ll get the train in time for a breakfast meeting, then I’ll do a lunch meeting followed by a showroom appointment or an event. Then I usually do another meeting or another event after that. When I’m at home, it’s like a different life. I’ve got two little girls, so each day is crazy – food shopping, cooking, me covered in food. Once the girls are in bed, I’ll do a few hours of work in the evening.

Eimear's cosy-cool interiors vibe 

Because I work a lot from home, my living environment is really important. It’s all about colours and textures; lovely throws and cushions can make a room feel really cosy and warm. I’ve recently painted one wall grey and it’s made all the difference – it’s amazing how a little pot of paint can change an entire room. I also love brass detailing – it goes with everything.

Comfort is so important, too. In this shoot, I am wearing French Connection's new autumn/winter collection, which is full of easy-to-wear denim, jumpsuits and nice knits, as well as some more work-y pieces. When I’m at home, my uniform tends to be jeans and a jumper, and the one thing I’d spend money on is a really cosy jumper. On work days, I’ll take things up a notch – wear skinny trousers and a great top with a pair of heeled boots, and again the collection is good for that, too. Or a pretty dress over jeans – I love that look and I like the idea of being able to wear your favourite summer dress all winter.

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