The alternative new-season outfit to see you through autumn

One outfit, 5 ways. Kat Farmer explains why a tracksuit is her new favourite item  

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“Ah, I see you’ve been at the French stick again,” said my trousers the other morning. That pretty much sums up my summer. And it appears, from speaking to friends, that I'm not alone. Christmas isn't the only festive holiday, in fact summer is when I do my finest eating. And drinking. And loafing.

So, while in one respect I'm all about the joys of a new autumn wardrobe, I'm also aware that it might be a while until I feel comfortable in my jeans again. However, I have a cunning wardrobe plan until the exercise I’m planning to do kicks in, or the rain comes and stops rosé play for good. (I've even signed up for a beginner's running course – this did seem like a good idea at the time and, to be honest, the wine may have played a significant part.)

My plan is this: get yourself a posh tracksuit. Trust me, this will solve your fashion issues for the next month or so. They may have been rebranded as "leisurewear” or “loungewear", but to all intents and purposes we are talking gear in which you can let it all hang out. I just simply cannot face the idea of a tight-fitting waistband right now.

From the sofa to brunch to dinner, I am determined to prove that it is possible to wear a tracksuit all weekend and into the working week. So, here I go.

Friday night

First up, as nature intended – worn together. Hello, 9pm on the sofa with a takeaway and a G&T. And then the following morning, cup of tea and a dog walk to blow away the cobwebs.


Saturday morning

With a little bit of imagination, there's no reason why your “leisurewear” need be purely for leisure. A sweatshirt works perfectly well as a jumper replacement. Wear with a printed maxi and trainers for an ideal Saturday shopping/lunching outfit.


Saturday evening

A night out for dinner, so, track pants – you're up! I love the idea of going to a restaurant in elasticated trousers. Wear with heels, a silk top and big earrings.


Sunday morning

Coffee, telly and papers means joggers, a T-shirt and plimsolls.

Coster Copenhagen T-shirt (similar here), Joggers (as before), 


Sunday lunch

Swap the plimsolls for a pair of ankle boots, throw on a biker jacket and out for lunch you go.


Monday morning

Into the new week and a sweatshirt teamed with a leather midi skirt and ankle boots equals off to work I go. Et voila! Four days, six outfits, one tracksuit – mission completed.


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