A humidity-defying dress

Because it's hot and sticky, but we still need to put clothes on

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By Frankie Graddon on

I’m writing this yesterday when it reached a staggering 28ºC in London town. Had I been dunking crisps into a pot of houmous in my local park, then it might have been bearable, but alas the office desk was calling. The clammy weather is set to continue over the next few days, albeit it at a slightly reduced temperature, which throws quite a large spanner in the works regarding getting dressed. As I overheard someone remark this morning, it’s too sticky for clothes. 

Indeed it is, but get dressed we must. Of course, this is an opportunity to squeeze a few more wears out of your summer stuff – a bare-shouldered Bardot top sounds quite nice about now. And if you heeded my advice about a boho blouse, then good on you. However, if you are in the market for something new, then I have another suggestion: a humidity dress. 

I bought my humidity dress a week ago. It’s from Hush and covered in ditsy-print flowers. It’s got a loose shirt-esque top and a long skirt, which, despite going against current trends (minis are very in right now FYI), is helpfully swishy and cool. There is a split up the side for added leg-breeze. In an ideal world, it wouldn’t have a waist, but then again that would resemble a teepee, so instead there is an elastic one which beats fitted or buttoned-up on the sweaty quota. This one is selling like hot cakes, but insider intel tells me that there will be a very similar style coming later this month. There is also a shorter length available, which is very lovely. Happily, there are also plenty around elsewhere and, in case you’re interested, floral print on a dark background is this season's combo to try. 

Of course, at this time of the year it’s wise to think about longevity when buying new stuff. Unless you have a late holiday planned, there’s not a lot of point in buying summery bits. And this is where the humidity dress prevails once more because it’s actually an autumn dress, which, when worn with tights/boots/cardi, will ride on through to March. But, for the next few days, with bare legs and a pair of sandals (in my case, clogs), it’ll do just nicely. 

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