The £7.99 white trainer update 

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Thought white trainers couldn’t get any better? Think again

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By Frankie Graddon on

I am a little bit embarrassed about what I did this morning. Instead of getting the 08.24 to Highbury, I got on the 08.18 to Crystal Palace. Why? Because someone was wearing a pair of white trainers – the most amazing pair of white trainers – and I’d made it my mission to find out where they were from. Such was the urge to stalk this poor woman’s footwear that I got onto the wrong train in the wrong direction to find out. The result was that I was nearly late for work but now am in the possession of the most brilliant trainer tip. Of which I am about to share. 

As you know, loafers are quite the thing this season, however if they are a little too school shoe for your taste then there is an alternative –tasseled trainers. Done by Tod’s, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, they have all the dapper appeal of tassel loafers, but feel a little more playful (and not to mention more comfortable). Simply put, they are the modern way to do white trainers. 

But they aren’t cheap. And here’s where the brilliant tip comes in – there is a way to cheat it. The lady on the train had not forked out on a brand new pair of tassely trainers, she had bought a pair of fringes that she simply threaded on to her existing white trainers. Clever. After some Googling I discovered that Office do them for £7.99 and they are real leather. Just thread them onto the laces of your Stan Smith’s and hey presto.



Tassel Fringe


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