The clever style trick to rolling your sleeves

Want to roll your shirt sleeves so they look smart and don’t keep on unrolling? Alice Tate has found a trick – and it’s called “The Jenna Roll”

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Every time I go into a store and see the mannequins with their perfectly folded, sit-at-the-elbow shirt sleeves, I question my abilities at life. A mannequin is beating me at life. And not just that, but they’re making the shirt look so damn good that I go in, buy it in two colours, only to get home and realise that it’s totally the sleeve-folding that makes the shirt and there’s no way I can master that at home — let alone in that casual-poking-out-from-my-cashmere-jumper kind of way (and course, I went and bought the cashmere jumper too).

I have always had a problem with making shirts look effortlessly smart. Take yesterday, I was trotting around town thinking my simple Zara shirt and jeans ensemble was a goodie, until I bust a sweat, my hands were full, and my cuffs wouldn't for the life of them stay up. No amount of bunching or rolling was working. So what is the secret? How do you master it? One cursory peek at The Internet and you’ll find there is a way, courtesy of J Crew’s effortlessly-stylish Creative Director Jenna Lyons. The ultimate poster girl for grown up preppy cool has devised the ultimate secret to sleeve rolling and it even has a name… The Jenna Roll. Ahead, our guide in a gif.

  1. Unbutton the cuff. Fold the sleeve in half, so the unbuttoned cuff sits neatly on the elbow.
  2. Roll the bottom of the sleeve up again so that it just covers the seam on the cuff.
  3. Give the loose cuff a little tug so it sticks out a little, looking natural but considered. 

And there you have it!


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