“Having someone make something to prove that they have faith in me gives me confidence to keep going”

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When Kat Farmer decided to embark on a new career, a necklace crafted by a friend not only became a token of belief, it became a life motto

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I have always been a huge jewellery fan and am never seen without some form of bling on me somewhere. But it’s rare that I wear the same thing day in, day out. That was until a lovely friend of mine, Amy, sent me what is my most sentimental piece of jewellery – my Winging It necklace.

Amy gave this to me a couple of years ago, when the crazy career that I now have was starting to take off. I’m not sure there’s anyone who decides to go it alone in the world of blogging and writing (or in any career path, for that matter) who doesn’t have a huge wobble every now and again. Do people actually like what I write, what I wear, what I say? Should I be doing it a different way? Will I be able to make a living out of this? Will people really take me seriously? I started blogging eight years ago, when most people in their late thirties and forties had no idea what a blog was (I’ll admit, I didn’t have a clue until a friend from the US showed me).

Amy said that the reason I was successful was because I just “did my own thing” (which was really nice of her, because I wasn’t sure I actually was successful). She said I was the queen of Winging It, which, to be fair, is a very appropriate description of my life in general. (I never follow instructions, preferring the “plug it in and press buttons till it works” method. It drives my husband mad.) But, while "winging it” isn’t necessarily the most successful methodology to follow while assembling flat-pack furniture, when it comes to being creative as a writer, a blogger and “influencer” (FYI, I can’t stand that word – please, someone think of another one), I genuinely think they are words to live by. And having someone else make something to prove that they have faith in me and acknowledge that what I’m doing is working – every time I think of that, it gives me the confidence to keep going. Yes, that sounds a bit corny as I write it down, but it’s sometimes the smallest things that make the biggest differences. OK, that sounds even worse. But, in this day and age, I’ll take anything that makes me feel better about myself.

Amy said that the reason I was successful was because I just ‘did my own thing’. She said I was the queen of Winging It

So, I wear my necklace every day. I sleep in it, I shower in it, I go on holiday in it and if I do ever take it off, I’ve got little wing earrings that I put in instead. It’s the most stunning piece of jewellery I have.






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Photo: Rick Pushinsky
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