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The copycat’s guide to grown-up outfit inspiration

Stacey Duguid’s been on Instagram and she’s picked up a ton of outfit ideas. But it’s not the hot, young things who are giving her inspiration –  it’s the chic grown-ups 

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By Stacey Duguid on

I’m working from home (glued to Instagram), desk overflowing, piles of crap everywhere. It is not a glamorous scene. A half-eaten oatcake rests on an unpaid tax reminder; a teapot balances precariously on a stack of magazines. The pièce de résistance? A can of flea spray picked up from the vet’s this morning. Gorgeous.

The slovenly scene is quite the opposite of the one flickering across my MacBook. A dreamy Taylor Tomasi Hill at Paris Fashion Week wearing an oversized denim jacket adorned with the coolest sewn-on patches. “Now that’s a look I can do,” I think to myself, hoisting Hush PJs, shoving feet into cosy slippers. Now, where to find an oversized denim jacket and some cool sew-them-on-yourself patches? *Cue Google frenzy.

Taylor Tomasi Hill  

I’m a new fan of “street style”, as in photographs of very glamorous women on their way to fashion shows that creep across every single social-media channel for the whole of September. Why? Simple, really. For far too long, fashion has been a youth-obsessed bore-fest. (Crikey). But, whether a conscious thing or a trend thing (God forbid), age diversity is finally a “thing” in fashion. An appreciation for older women. Back to the point. I love this white jumper/silver skirt combo Michelle Elie wore to fashion week. It feels fresh and also reminds me: I reckon we can get away with bare legs for a few more weeks yet.

Michelle Elie 

A quick round of applause for some of my favourite women  on Instagram, namely Erica Davies (The Edited), Kat Farmer (Does My Bum Look 40), Natalie Lee (Style Me Sunday), Alyson Walsh (That’s Not My Age) and Navaz Batliwalla (Disney Roller Girl), who’ve all played their part in the representation of older (and by older, I mean over 25) women in fashion. I digress. Back to my point, which is: who the hell would’ve thunk Zara's natty little easy-to-wear jacket could be a credible stand-in for the swoon-worthy Gucci number worn by Browns Fashion CEO Holli Rogers, during Paris Fashion Week?

Holli Rogers 

I’m into suits for the first time since the 90s and, thanks to Julianne Moore, I now need a white one. This one from Mango will do just nicely. Thanks for the inspo, Julianne.

Julianne Moore 

White not your thing? Go black. As in head-to-toe black. With all the prints, checks and stripes in the shops at the moment, not to mention the sea of pastel-pink tailoring, sometimes it’s good to go against the grain. Enter the rebellious Cate Blanchett, enter my favourite & Other Stories black blouse of the season.

Cate Blanchett

The mere sight of Stella Tennant wearing a statement jumper and cargo trousers had my PJs all in a twist.  

Stella Tennant 

A long-time fan of high-low dressing – as in, wearing a fancy skirt with a chunky jumper and utilitarian jacket – check out German Glamour’s fashion director, Véronique Tristram, below.  Where to find that jumper? Céline, probably, but here’s a lovely chunky red jumper from Toast and a navy midi skirt from ASOS. I want everything this woman wears.

Véronique Tristram

Stylish women wearing clothes in an easy-to-copy way makes me feel better about all the very young faces plastered across my favourite high-street stores. Maybe social media isn’t bad for us after all.  

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