Curly Clip In Hair Extensions – All You Need to Know

The beauty space is rapidly revolutionizing, as beauty faithful are keeping up the pace by showing us various ways to approach beauty care that may not be so traditional or what we are used to. Of course, we are grateful! The spice to life is having so many options at your disposal and when it comes to hairstyles and hairdos, we can all agree that switching things up is the order of the day. And this brings us to hair extensions.

Hello, Curly Clip In Hair Extensions!


We have got the braids, the weaves, and of course, the frontals and closures. But we have also got the clip-ins. While you might be familiar with other extension options, in this article, we are going to introduce you to the fashion of clip-ins – specifically the curly hair extensions clip-in!

Want to know what the fuss about the curly clip-in hair extensions raves is? Keep reading for all you need to know about this simple but ideal hair extension choice. If you need more info, be sure to check ONYC Hair.

But first things first…

What is a Curly Clip In Hair Extensions?


We understand that not everyone wants to frequent glued wigs and protective stylings. Sometimes we want to run free in our natural hair and carry out style experiments on our curls, waves, or afros. But have you ever felt like your hair is just not the right length nor the right volume for the look you are gunning for? You are not alone. The majority of us swear by extension clip-ins.

Curly hair extensions as well as other extensions clip-ins were all the rave in the 1900s. To prove that what goes around always comes around, especially in the beauty world, these trends are dominating the scene again.

Generally, hair extension clip ins are ready-to-wear extensions ideal for when you want to add some volume and texture to your natural hair, on the go. Characterized by the ability to transform the natural curls without altering the texture or look of the latter, the same is true for the human curly clip-in hair extensions.

Now, let us get on to the major curl extension types for natural curls and coils.

There are three major types of curly clip in hair extensions:


· Kinky curl extensions

Great for the afro queens with type 4 hair, the kinky curl extensions work magic to give your natural afro kink the desired volume. Dealing with shrinkage which is common for type 4 hair can be daunting. But with some clip-ins to help those coils, you can easily rock full and long kinky hair without much bother about the shrinkage. This variety of black extensions comes in different curls and coil strands to perfectly imitate the different natural kinky types.

· Ringlet curl extensions

Those with short type 3 hair curls can also get their picks in the extension clip in the market. From tight spiral curls to big bouncy loops, the ringlet curl extensions are best for elastic and sometimes corkscrew-shaped kind of textured curls. Just clip is very close to the scalp, style and no one will tell the difference!

· Wavy curl extensions

Beach waves, water waves, soft waves, deep waves, loose loops, you name it! Every curl pattern that falls under the type 2 are covered by the wavy human curly clip-in hair extensions. Just like natural wavy, such clip-in extensions may have to be curled (together with the natural hair) using a curling tool, for the perfect blend.

Why Curly hair extensions clip in?


Here are some benefits of the curly hair extensions clip-ins style:

· Variety of colors

Curly hair clip ins are mostly available in every color of the dye spectrum. While some are courageous enough to experiment with colors on their natural hair, other may prefer to steer clear of chemical coloring. However, a little splash of colors won’t hurt especially where there are no unhealthy chemicals involved. Colored hair clip ins are the best alternatives to trying out colors without actually applying such dyes.

· Easy to use

Hair extension clip ins are way low maintenance than regular wigs. A quick hanging to air when it is not clipped in is primarily all the care it needs each day. Also, tangles can easily be brushed off and you do not need to max your credit card to pass the maintenance check.

· All natural

Just as the name suggests, human curly clip-in hair extensions look exactly natural like natural human curls. When installed correctly and styled such that they are not visible through the natural hair, superior clip ins tend to blend so well with the real curls to give a natural finish.

· Quick to style

Unlike closures and frontals where you often need a professional stylist, clip ins are quick to fix and style. With no wig caps or wig glues needed, just a clip into your naturally curly hair and you are good to go – literally within a matter of minutes. With a few tutorials here and a few short videos there, anyone can style their clip-ins like a pro.

· Increased hair volume

Arguably the prime reason why anyone would want clip ins – with curly hair extensions clip in, your curls are guaranteed extra volume and fullness; which is particularly fitting for the fine or extra thin curl strands. The right curl clip ins with matching texture and color will transform any scanty scalp to a mane rich with curls.

Take this home…


Hair extensions are here to stay. Even more so, clip-in fashion is here to dominate. With the ease that comes with using clip-in extensions, more and more brands, are incorporating a vast array of clip in extensions into their extensions arsenal.

To join the train of curly clip-in hair extension users, ensure you get a good extension vendor that is more committed to quality than quantity.

Remember, you only know it is the real deal when it is difficult to tell the difference between your natural hair and your hair extensions clip ins.

Now go flaunt those curls!

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