The verdict on No7’s new wonder serum

It claims to make you look five years younger and, currently, one is sold every two seconds. But does No7 new wrinkle serum work?

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By Frankie Graddon on

If there’s one thing Boots’ No7 brand is known for, it’s serum. Famous for their Protect & Perfect serum, which caused a national mania when it was launched in 2007, the brand has since added two more to their arsenal (Lift & Luminate and Restore & Renew) to rave reviews. Last week, No7 launched yet another serum to the pack – No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum, which, according to the brand, is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to five years. “Women even said it reduced the appearance of their deepest, most stubborn lines and wrinkles,” so says the press release.

Designed to be applied directly to the areas you want to target (aka the wrinkly bits), the serum contains Matrixyl 3000 Plus™, a collagen-boosting anti-wrinkle peptide. The peptide is also in No7’s existing serum range, but the booster serum contains it in a much higher concentrate, which, in theory, makes it super charged and therefore is supposed to be only applied where you need it. According to No7, after using the product for two months, 77 per cent of the women who were trialled said the serum gave them better results than they expected from a skincare product, with 73 per cent saying they were less likely to consider Botox.

Sounds pretty impressive. As does the 17,000-strong waiting list prior to the serum launching last Wednesday and the fact that, reportedly, one is currently being sold every two seconds. So, does it all stack up? Skincare devotee and Pool editor Sam Baker gave it a go.         

“First up, an admission: I'm an addict. Both a skincare addict – show me an implausible promise and I'll swallow it whole – and a Boots skincare addict. I was at the front of the queue for Protect & Perfect and, ever since they launched Your Good Skin last year, I've rarely been parted from the Balancing Skin Concentrate. In fact, I only put it down when Frankie waved No7’s new wonder product under my nose.

“This product has some huge claims and I can't, hand on heart, after 10 days of using it, say I'm 100 per cent sure I can see that I look five years younger. However, my skin does look and feel great – smoother than before, for sure, and the wrinkles around my eyes and at the centre of my forehead are definitely less prominent. Plus, to live up to its promise – which it more or less does – it's an absolute bargain for the price (£38).

“Unlike some of No7’s other serums, though, it's definitely a use-one-vial-and-move-on product. Not only is it super-strong (it has to be to achieve what it does in just over a week), but it's also super sticky. Even my dry old skin felt quite tacky for several hours after application, which can be good for sticking foundation to, but if, like me, you're not a big foundation wearer, isn't the most comfortable feeling.”

So, there you have it – sticky, but does what it says on the tin. It looks like No7 has done it again.


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